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Entspannt in den Flieger, Bild: Wichudapa / shutterstock

Relaxed travel by plane – this is how it works

Do you hate the stress that air travel brings? The long queues, crowded seats and waiting times can be quite exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine being able to get on your plane relaxed and stress-free, knowing that all your documents are in order and you can start your journey! That’s where our article comes in – we want to help you travel by plane with peace of mind! We give you tips on how to reduce the stress at the airport so that you have a pleasant flying experience.

Have important documents ready

A relaxed flight starts with the right preparation. It is important to have the travel documents ready to avoid unnecessary stress and delays at the airport. In addition to the passport, this also includes the visa and any vaccination cards. It is advisable to have a digital copy of these documents ready on your smartphone or tablet so that you can quickly apply for replacement certificates from the responsible consulate in the event of loss or theft. You should also make a note of the booking number of the flight and the hotel in order to be able to access all the information you need at any time. By preparing the documents in advance, you create a carefree basis for the start of your well-deserved vacation.

Plan enough time

If you want to start your holiday relaxed, you should give yourself enough time to get to the airport when planning. It is advisable to be at the airport two hours before departure. A time buffer that is too tight can cause stressful situations and perhaps even lead to missing the flight. A helpful tip is to have reliable providers such as Karlsruhe Taxi take you to the airport. This way you avoid possible traffic problems and save yourself a lot of stress and parking fees. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities at the airport to make the waiting time until departure relaxed and pleasant. Whether it’s a small snack in a café or a good book, it’s a good way to relax before you get on the plane.

How to get to the airport

One thing that can quickly dampen the holiday mood is the stressful journey to the airport. Therefore, it is advisable to think about the best way to get to the terminal beforehand. A taxi is often the most comfortable and stress-free option. By ordering the taxi a day in advance, you can agree on all the details of the trip and be sure to arrive at the airport on time.

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Another option for this is to book a parking space at the airport in advance to save yourself the tedious search and high parking fees. However, if there is a traffic jam, the holiday feeling is usually gone right away and you arrive at the airport stressed. If you want to reduce costs, you can also use public transport. However, you should inform yourself exactly about the timetables and allow enough time to compensate for possible delays.

Baggage Safety Regulations

If you want to start your holiday relaxed by plane, you should familiarise yourself with the safety regulations for luggage in advance. At many airports, it is now possible to check in your luggage yourself at a machine and thus save valuable time. However, there are strict regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous objects.

Airlines also have their own regulations regarding hand luggage, which must be observed. Normally, each airline has its own rules regarding the size and weight of the cabin luggage that must be observed. As a rule, the maximum dimensions are limited to 55 × 35 × 25 centimeters including handles and wheels, while the weight is limited to 8 kilograms. Anyone who exceeds these requirements or even wants to take additional hand luggage with them must expect additional costs.

Online Check-in

Take advantage of the online check-in. This not only saves you long waiting times in hectic queues at the airport, but also benefits from a quick and uncomplicated check-in process. The ticket can be printed out in advance from the comfort of your own home or saved on your mobile phone. Check-in at the airport then takes place within a few minutes, simply checking in the luggage and passing through the security check. With a completed boarding pass in your hand, you will then go directly to the departure gate and onto the aircraft. Online check-in is not only an enormous time saver, but also ensures less stressful travel preparations and thus a gentle start to the holiday.

The right seat

If you are afraid of flying or generally feel uncomfortable on the plane, you should choose a seat in the front center of the plane. Because here you hardly feel turbulence and vibrations and psychologically speaking, you sit in the safest place in the aircraft – right next to the emergency exits that lead over the wings. In addition, the seats at the emergency exits offer more legroom and the noise from the turbines is lower here than in the rear rows.

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But even those who do not suffer from a fear of flying can benefit from these advantages and fly more relaxed, but you must also keep in mind that you must also be prepared to help in an emergency. The second-best seat is as far forward as possible in the aircraft, where turbulence and vibrations are also hardly noticeable.

For long-haul flights: choose night flight

If you want to relax on the plane, you should choose a night flight for long-haul flights. The darkness on board and the moderate light make it easier to fall asleep and usually also deeper and more restful. In addition, night flights are often less fully booked, which increases comfort. Another positive side of a night flight is the fact that you arrive directly at your destination in the morning – perfect for those who want to start their vacation right away. The body is not yet burdened by the sudden time change and the first day of vacation can thus be started directly relaxed.

During the flight

Finally, the long-awaited vacation is here and it’s off by plane to the distance. Sit back and enjoy the anticipation of your holiday. In addition to the airline’s entertainment offerings , there are numerous other ways to feel as comfortable as possible during the flight. Comfortable clothing, warm stockings and a cozy woolen blanket are just a few examples of how to sit comfortably on the flight. A neck pillow provides extra comfort and restful sleep. To enjoy music, you should definitely bring your own, comfortable headphones. So you can listen to music or watch movies in peace to make the time on the plane pass quickly. With all these tips, the flight becomes a relaxed part of the holiday and you can fully look forward to the adventures and experiences ahead.


If you want to travel relaxed by plane on holiday, you should take care of all the preparations early on. This includes not only booking flights and hotels, but also compiling important travel documents and adhering to check-in times at the airport. Despite the best preparation, however, there can also be longer waiting times at airports. In such situations, it is especially important to keep a cool head and follow the instructions of the staff. If you follow the rules and have all documents at hand, you will get through the security check quickly and easily. Afterwards, you can relax and go to the departure gate and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. So if you plan well in advance and stay calm, you can also have a pleasant travel experience when flying.