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Die Strände von Tulum begeistern jedes Jahr hunderttausende Besucher, darunter auch viele Touristen in Flirtlaune, Bild: Simon Dannhauer / shutterstock

Almost 50 percent do it: cheating on vacation

High temperatures, light clothing, a relaxed daily routine – many couples treat themselves to a break together with friends and without their partner. But instead of longing phone calls and messages, there are hot flirts at the holiday destination. About 50 percent of all partners have done it before, at least mentally: cheated on, often even on vacation. In most cases, the infidelities even go undetected. These signs show how the unfaithful partner reveals himself.

Sun, beach and infidelity: These beaches not only inspire singles

Tulum is no longer an insider tip among beach lovers. The paradise on the Yucatan Peninsula is surrounded by coconut palms, turquoise blue water and embedded in the finest sand. It’s not a great place to relax, because the sun shines all year round. If you are on holiday here, you can leave the onion look at home and instead rely on bikinis, swim shorts and other garments with little fabric.

This casual, Caribbean environment invites you not only to dream, but also to flirt. The opportunity under palm trees makes love. In addition to the approximately 30,000 islanders, more than 300,000 tourists come to Tulum every year. Many of them are single, but some are also taken. Far away from home and secluded under palm trees, they are often looking for a hot holiday flirt, which often even remains undiscovered. True to the motto “What the other person doesn’t know, doesn’t make him hot”, the strangers’ kisses, touches or even more are simply concealed.

Guilty conscience after infidelity on vacation: These signs help to unmask

Back home, a guilty conscience sometimes spreads. Perhaps the hot flirt was even more lasting than expected, if it doesn’t want to get out of your head at all. Particularly attentive partners often discover changes in their sweetheart immediately. Many even seek help from professionals such as a Frankfurt detective agency to confirm their suspicions and collect evidence.

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What is particularly striking is the restless behavior of the flailing person when it comes to closeness. Often she is no longer searched for as usual after the misstep, because the guilty conscience and the fear of being caught is too great. Is the partner stealing out of the house more and more often after the holiday or does he want to be undisturbed during phone calls and typing messages? This behavior could also indicate an infidelity on vacation.

Asking trick questions: This is how the fling person unmasks himself

Another way to track down the scam is to ask questions about vacations. Is the otherwise talkative partner suddenly taciturn and can’t remember any details? Does he avoid questions about sun, beach, sea and holiday activities? This avoidance principle can be a symptom of a guilty conscience. Maybe the local partner didn’t really cheat, but maybe toyed with the idea and at least started a hot flirt with exciting looks.

Delayed answers or generalizations can also indicate a fairy tale. Often the fraudsters also pretend to be ignorant and pretend not to have understood the questions correctly. Instead of “I”, “you” or “could”, “should” are often used in order not to commit oneself too much in the explanations and to make oneself vulnerable.

Body language exposes liars

Even though our tongue may try to disguise the lie, our body language is usually bad at it. The less intense the body language, the clearer the signs of a lie. Most of the time, the cheaters try to keep everything under control and not to expose them as much as possible. This is also evident in the hand movements. Those who tell the truth speak clearly gesticulating and describe situations, for example, with outstretched hands. The legs are also casually crossed over each other, because there is no need to look for a convulsive anchor point. If, on the other hand, the body is tense, the legs are almost rigidly next to each other and literally dig into the ground, this could also indicate a lie.

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Kissing on the beach
Is there a stranger’s kiss? More than 50 percent have cheated on their partner (on vacation), Image: Song_about_summer / shutterstock

The deceptive eye contact

Actually, it’s a good sign when your partner doesn’t want to let us out of his sight. If you are looking for eye contact, you can’t have anything to hide, can you? Many experts have found that liars are particularly likely to fix the gaze of others. After all, they want to calm down with this gesture. On the other hand, those who often wander their gaze and almost seem to be looking for details in the room usually tell the truth. Of course, there are also particularly talented liars who know exactly how to use this digression tactic to deceive the other.

All eyes on the neck: He often exposes cheaters

The neck is a special zone and therefore extremely sought after during lovemaking. If the partner returns from vacation and there are telltale traces such as hickeys, the fraud is easily visible. But in practice, it is usually not that easy. Nevertheless, the neck is an indication to unmask the cheaters. Those who lie and feel insecure try above all to protect their particularly sensitive areas. The neck is one of them. Fraudsters often stroke it with their fingertips while they are scoring from their vacation.

In women, the lie is often revealed by the uncertain tugging of the necklace. For example, they hold the pendant with their fingertips or play with the chain between their fingers. If a dry throat also occurs when telling, this can also expose the lie. Our body reacts stressed to untruths and often acknowledges this with a dry mouth.