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Der Goldstadt Uferweg lädt zum spazieren gehen rund um die Enz ein, Bild: Pierre Johne

Pforzheim – The gold piece of the Black Forest

Pforzheim is the gateway to the northern Black Forest. However, the Gold City, as it is called because of its jewellery and watch industry, is more of a beauty at second sight. On February 23, 1945, 98 percent of the city center was destroyed by an Allied air raid within just 20 minutes. In the decades that followed, numerous architects tried their hand at the city and built revolutionary buildings at the time. The city is therefore an open-air museum for architecture from the 1950s to the 70s.

Green Gold

Sedanplatz Pforzheim
Aerial view of Sedanplatz, Image: Markus Born Fotodesign

The city of three rivers has much more to offer: Pforzheim is one of the greenest cities in Germany with 83.5 percent green space. Over 100 kilometres of hiking trails invite you to enjoy nature within the city area. The hiking trails lead past Roman walls, mystical castle ruins and the three rivers Enz, Nagold and Würm. Even the oldest long-distance hiking trails in the Black Forest, West, East and Middle Path, start at the city’s Golden Gate and lead to Basel.

Bicycle lovers will also get their money’s worth here: no less than eight long-distance cycle paths crisscross the city area, such as the popular Enztal Cycle Path, the Nagold Valley Cycle Path or the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path.

The animal highlight of Pforzheim is the wildlife park. Admission is free, and some animals can even be fed by the guests. The forest climbing garden provides fun at high altitudes.

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The City of Gold

Snake Bracelet Jewellery Museum Pforzheim
This snake bracelet from the pinnacle of Greek-Hellenistic jewellery art is one of the exhibits in the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, Image: Schmuckmuseum/Günther Meyer

From the 18th century onwards, girls and boys from the local orphanage received training in the production of jewellery. The foundation stone for the jewellery and watch industry was laid. In its heyday, 90 percent of German jewellery was produced in the gold city. Today, the figure is still 75 percent.

The Jewellery Museum in the Reuchlinhaus is a globally unique museum on the history of jewellery. Around 2,000 exhibits show jewellery art from five millennia, from antiquity to the present day.

In the Technical Museum , the history of the traditional industries comes to life. Many work steps will be demonstrated on historic machines, and there will also be insights into the cultural context of the jewelry and watch industry on site.

In the Schütt gemstone exhibition , guests can marvel at the fascinating world of gemstones and crystals and discover a lot of interesting facts.

In Europe’s largest jewellery and watch house, the Schmuckwelten, jewellery can be admired and purchased. Right next door is the award-winning permanent exhibition “Gold.Money.Society”, which reveals mysteries about gold.

Gasometer Pforzheim

With the gigantic 360° panorama “GREAT BARRIER REEF – Coral Reef Wonderland” by artist Yadegar Asisi, a highlight for the whole family can be seen in the Gasometer. The panorama makes the beauty and the enormous biodiversity of the famous coral reef tangible. From the 15-metre-high visitor tower, you have a breathtaking view of the panorama, which will be on display until at least mid-2021. Information about a possible new panorama can be found on the homepage www.gasometer-pforzheim.de.

Pforzheim is diversity

Eleven museums show exciting facts from the Roman era, about the city’s most famous son, Johannis Reuchlin, or from the GDR. In the city museum there is even a replica of the first automobile with which Bertha Benz drove from Mannheim to her hometown of Pforzheim in 1888 and laid the foundation for the success story of the car. The Pforzheim Theatre offers a three-genre range of music, drama and dance. And the city’s varied gastronomy offers delights from all over the world, for example from Korea, Venezuela, India, but also the delicious Maultauschen and Spätzle can be found here.

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By the way, Pforzheim is a perfect destination, especially for groups. City and themed tours, whether digital or on-site, allow you to discover the city in a relaxed way. The team at the tourist information office on the Schlossberg (tourist-info@ws-pforzheim.de; https://www.stadt-land-enz.de, 07231 39 3700).

with the kind support of the city of Pforzheim