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Die berühmte Straße Hollywood Boulevard, Bild: Andrey Bayda / shutterstock

Los Angeles – California’s City of Angels

It’s hard to describe how huge, glamorous, and stylish Los Angeles really is. Spending your vacation in L.A. is a real treat for the senses, because the gigantic world metropolis has a lot of entertainment, lifestyle, showbiz and also recreational opportunities to offer, for example on the dream beaches of Malibu. Having the Walk of Fame and its starlets in the Hollywood district under your feet is probably a very special feeling for every vacationer. As a traveler, you may already know some locations from film and television that will amaze you.

L.A. definitely has a terrific atmosphere. Every USA fan is sure to want to let the overwhelming view wander over the whole of Los Angeles and take a photo of the world-famous Hollywood lettering. That said, Griffith Park in Los Angeles is a must-see. High on the mountain, enjoyment is not long in coming and the “Hollywood script” is almost within reach! The ideal starting point for a round trip through L.A. and to create a magnificent overview. To have the imposing skyscrapers of downtown in view as a panoramic picture – that’s L.A. in true abundance.

Discover business and lifestyle in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Hollywood Sign
The world-famous Hollywood sign Hollywood Sign, Image: Ingus Kruklitis / shutterstock

If you only think of glitter and lifestyle when you think of L.A., you haven’t yet gotten to know all the facets of California’s metropolis. Los Angeles offers pure variety and miles of walks on the beaches are also an experience. Whether you want to enjoy the sea breeze under a palm tree or experience the glittering business, Los Angeles offers the right place for every holiday taste.

Endless streets, a flair like out of a picture book, sparkling houses, palm trees and style – all this and much more is Los Angeles! Would you like a stroll through the city? Of course, a leisurely shopping tour is also possible, but exploring the entire city splendor on foot is impossible. If you really want to discover Los Angeles, you should rely on public transport or a rental car. The journey by bus can take a while, but the many impressions also make bus journeys an experience.

The districts of the world metropolis promise eventful holiday times

Los Angeles Downtown
Los Angeles Downtown, Image: IM_photo / shutterstock

Downtown L.A. is the pulse of the metropolis; an unforgettable skyline, financial palaces, glass towers and office buildings make up downtown, a mix in a class of its own. Downtown is the area of the big city wonder, which is also a blessing for joyful pedestrians and sometimes even seems to be empty, especially on weekends. Whether on foot or by metro; the beautiful parks and conditions are a welcome change for every culture fan.

Exploring the neighborhoods of Bunker Hill, Little Tokyo or Chinatown is always a breathtaking experience – unforgettable moments with a true L.A. atmosphere can be experienced everywhere! If you are at W 2nd St, you will find yourself in Bunker Hill directly to the world-famous Walt Disney Concert Hall. A stop is of course not a must, but the fantastic magnificent specimen can certainly not be overlooked and invites you to take a look. Architecture fans will get their money’s worth. If you have a lot of impressions of L.A., you can sit back and aim for the Grand Park in the historic Civic Center.

Relaxation is guaranteed in the idyllic city park and historic buildings open up all around! From historic cathedrals and financial districts to multicultural life, downtown has it all. Have you ever taken a walk through Manhattan? Glass towers rise to lofty heights and modern facades reflect the sunlight. Every area in L.A. has highlights that look like in a picture book. Fancy shopping and strolling? Then take a walk along W7th St. Culinary delights, American snacks and state-of-the-art boutiques will make time pass in no time. Just walk along the streets of Los Angeles and see the multifaceted atmosphere.

The dream beaches of L.A.

Los Angeles, Malibu
The beach of Malibu, known from the series Baywatch, Image: Regan Sullivan / shutterstock

Dream beaches like in the movies, tanned people in bathing suits and sunglasses, palm trees, muscle-bound men, heavenly promenades, small bars and surfers; It doesn’t get more colorful than that. The beaches of L.A. are the paradisiacal reality. The idyll is a pleasure in itself and makes you dream.

Enjoying the view along the coast of L.A. offers unforgettable moments. Malibu, the paradise for surfers and the place of celebrities. Gigantic villas adorn the area and turn the dream scenery into a beautiful spectacle. To experience a fantastic sunset on the beach of L.A. is probably a dream of many holiday lovers. A gorgeous beach area can also be found in Santa Monica. The famous Route 66 also ends here, making it a very special place. In the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, romance arises, by the way, a sunset can be enjoyed wonderfully with a fine cocktail. Exciting attractions for the whole family, a shallow sandy beach with L.A. in the background; this is what there is to discover in Santa Monica! The ideal place to really unwind.

World-class entertainment in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Skyline
The skyline of L.A., Image: Andrew Zarivny / shutterstock

Entertainment of a special kind desired? Then a visit to the Staples Center and L.A. Live should not be missed. If you want to experience first-class hours with world stars or a fantastic sporting event, look no further than the Staples Center. If you would also like to stay directly on site, you can make yourself comfortable in one of the hotels and be very close to showbiz. Boutiques, cafés, bars and restaurants are also located directly on site.

The colorful show business can be admired and experienced everywhere in L.A.! Stars and starlets cavort in the big city metropolis like no other. That means keeping your eyes and ears open up to what opens up on site, because every single L.A. trip is a unique experience. Of course, a round trip can be planned, but the metropolis is incredibly overwhelming that a high-speed walk through the city is not possible. Los Angeles always keeps up with the times and leaves plenty of room for lifestyle! The world metropolis is always changing due to the many entertainment events alone and every single trip allows for new impressions!