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Ponta da Piedade in Portugal, Bild: artem evdokimov / shutterstock

Live your Portugal adventure with Picotours

Portugal has long since become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. This is no wonder, because the country on the Iberian Peninsula exudes great fascination and beauty. The location directly on the Atlantic Ocean characterizes Portugal from a cultural point of view and the fantastic beaches and natural spectacles make the neighboring country of Spain unique on its meadow. Picotours makes the Portugal experience possible for German travelers and also a real adventure.

What does Picotours stand for?

Picotours organizes group and individual tours and specializes in Portugal, the Azores, the Cape Verde Islands, Madeira and Cabo Verde. Because only where a travel company really knows its way around, it can also offer tours and trips that leave nothing to be desired by the tourists.

Picotours stands for sustainable travel and real adventures. The motto is: “Travel slowly and enjoy.” When traveling, you should get to know the country and its people intensively and the environment should also be protected. The company with family structures has built up a large network in Portugal, which also builds on the great hospitality in the country of around 10 million inhabitants. Charm and comfort are also constant companions on trips with Picotours.

City trip to Porto

View of Porto, Image: Aliaksandr Antanovich / shutterstock

In perhaps no other city can you get to know the Portuguese attitude to life as well as in Porto. Although the city is often overshadowed by the capital Lisbon, there is something mystical about Porto that is difficult to describe if you haven’t been there before. This special flair alternates with the factors of place, time and daylight. The location directly on the Atlantic coast also makes the city something special.

Picotours offers trips to Porto to bring as many people as possible closer to the city with its location on the Douro, which houses a cultural heritage on both banks. The center of Porto is characterized by a historic old town, which is lined with port wine huts, which have been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On a trip to Porto with Picotours, you will also see the fascinating bridges, churches, cathedrals and monuments. You will also experience a lively and lively city with a lot of tradition, art, good food and a refreshing attitude to life. Porto also invites you to celebrate again and again.

Some highlights in Porto are:

  • The Cais da Ribeira river port
  • Mercado do Bolhao Market
  • Teatro National São João on Praça da Batalh
  • São Bent Railway Station
  • Concert Hall “Casa da Música”

With a city like Porto, which brings with it such a flood of attractions and impressive places, it is not easy to be flooded by all the emotions. However, the operators of Picotours have experience with trips to Portugal and Porto in particular. They have a wealth of experience as to which sights you absolutely have to see and where the Portuguese attitude to life can best be soaked up. They regularly offer trips to Portugal, where you can discover a very special city individually and in groups and get to know the Portuguese way of life.