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Madeira bietet viele traumhafte Ausblicke, Bild: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

Madeira – Island of Eternal Spring

Madeira offers breathtaking nature, fascinating mountain scenery and colourful flower gardens. With a wonderful climate and a very good price-performance ratio, the island ensures an unforgettable stay. Whether it’s discovering historic cities or relaxing in natural seawater pools, Madeira has something for everyone.

Madeira is one of Europe’s last undiscovered holiday destinations

Madeira, Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz, Image: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

Madeira is a beautiful island not far from the mainland of Africa. But Madeira belongs to Portugal and is located about 400 kilometers from the Canary Islands . Due to the great climate, the island is also called the Island of Eternal Spring. Visitors will find a warm and very pleasant climate here all year round. Madeira has a lot to offer: pure nature, massive mountains with rugged cliffs, large forests and a fascinating floral splendour as well as naturally refreshing sea water. Madeira is simply a holiday destination for everyone and for the whole year. Visitors are welcome at any time. Because the inhabitants of the beautiful island are considered extremely open and very friendly. They stand for the relaxed and open nature of the Portuguese.

Although Madeira is located on a southern latitude, the island is pleasantly warm. No trace of extreme heat and drought. Madeira has the Atlantic Ocean to thank for this. This regulates the different temperatures. In addition, the mountains and the wind ensure that there is enough rain and that the island is wonderfully green all year round. The temperatures are always very consistent, making Madeira an optimal holiday destination from January to December.

And the island of eternal spring really has a lot to offer visitors: due to the wonderful climate and high-quality tourist facilities, relaxation and recreation are the order of the day all year round. Madeira stands for great diversity. Visitors to the island can, for example, hike in a great mountain world, discover historic towns or relax in one of the many pools in the sea off Porto Moniz. Curious visitors in particular will get their money’s worth on the island. This is ensured by the numerous sights and the wide range of possible activities. Especially for tourists who want more than just splashing around in the water, Madeira is a perfect holiday destination. In addition, a very good price-performance ratio ensures a wonderful feel-good atmosphere.

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Madeira is pure diversity and variety

Madeira, Praia de Machico
The landscaped beach Praia de Machico, Image: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

The island appeals to every type of tourist due to its diversity. And Madeira is exciting. Whether it’s a tour of the island in a rental car, a hike, enjoying romantic restaurants, partying in Funchal, whale watching or just enjoying the great natural landscape – Madeira is a fantastic island to discover.

For example, a hike on Pico Ruivo is highly recommended – you can get quite close to the clouds. But a visit to Monte is also a great experience: you can go up by cable car and if you want, you can toboggan down. The Levada hiking trails are also very popular with visitors to Madeira. These lead through the interior of the island in the middle of a great natural landscape. A very low crime rate also ensures a carefree stay – this virtually does not exist. Madeira offers visitors European standards in terms of comfort and values.

There are actually no real sandy beaches on Madeira. The reason for this: Strong waves and a strong ocean current prevent the formation of sandy beaches on the island of eternal spring. This in turn also ensures that this fantastically beautiful island is not overrun by visitors – quite different from the Canary Islands. But of course, visitors to Madeira don’t have to do without sandy beaches altogether. There are two artificially created beautiful sandy beaches. In addition, numerous hotels in the middle and upper price range have pools and large terraces for sunbathing. And once you’ve bathed in the pools of fresh seawater in Porto Moniz, you won’t want to leave them.

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More than half of Madeira’s inhabitants live in Funchal, the capital. This is also where most visitors to the island stay. Funchal is very beautiful and also a very cosmopolitan city. From the city you have a great view over the main harbor with the many huge cruise ships. Funchal is an interesting mix of white houses. Very well-kept parks invite you to linger.

In the interior of the island there are numerous extinct volcanoes. The highest point of Madeira is on Pico Rico. At an altitude of almost 2000 meters, there is a breathtaking view over the island. Right next to it is the third highest mountain, the Pico do Arieiro. This can be reached easily and comfortably thanks to an asphalt road from the capital Funchal. Madeira is also characterized by many deep and inaccessible valleys. These offered the inhabitants of the island protection and security in the event of pirate attacks. But those days are long gone. Now the valleys delight nature lovers. Probably the most famous valley in Madeira is Curral das Freiras. Translated, this means something like nuns refuge. The valley is surrounded by cliffs on three sides.

In addition to the many extinct volcanoes, there are also numerous water channels in the interior of the island. In the past, this was used to lead the water from the northern side to the fertile side in the east. Visitors will often cross these water channels. Because they meander all over the island. Today they are popular and much-used hiking trails – also called levadas. The coast of Madeira is characterized by massive cliffs and stony beaches. The cliffs near Câmara de Lobos are one of the highest in Europe. The Skywalk is a very special experience. Here you literally “float” above the cliffs at over 500 meters.

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