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Traumhafte Aussicht im Jasper Nationalpark, Bild: Elena_Suvorova / shutterstock

Jasper – Small-town flair in the middle of the Canadian Rockies

At an altitude of 1062 meters, the Canadian city of Jasper is nestled in the Jasper National Park. The contrast between city life and the impressive natural landscape is unique and so Jasper has become a popular travel destination. All year round, the picturesque town in the province of Alberta is the perfect starting point for exploring the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies.

Due to its central location in Jasper National Park, the charming town of Jasper is the perfect destination for nature lovers who want to discover the original Canada . From the impressive peaks to the beautiful lakes of the region and the rivers, there is a lot to discover around Jasper, so unforgettable moments are guaranteed.

The mountain town of Jasper

Named after Jasper Hawes, an employee of the North West Company, the town’s history began with the establishment of a supply depot called Jasper House in 1813. This was moved a few years later as a trading post to the confluence of the Athabasca and Snake Indian rivers. Gradually, of course, the families of the employees also settled and so the foundation stone of the mountain town was laid.

To this day, the original charm of the city has been preserved. Thus, despite tourism, there are no building sins in the town. This is not least due to the fact that the Canadian park administration has regulated the acquisition of real estate and the influx of non-resident families. Thanks to the restriction, Jasper remained a small town that can be easily explored on foot.

In the center of the town, small shops, supermarkets, souvenir shops and restaurants are lined up and even from the shopping street you can enjoy the dreamlike scenery of the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Visitors can learn more about the history of the city and the national park at the Jasper Yellowhead Museum.

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Jasper National Park

With a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape and impressive flora and fauna, Jasper National Park exerts a special fascination. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks”, the national park, founded in 1907, is not only an attraction for tourists, but also a natural habitat for numerous mammals. Among other things, grizzly bears, black bears, pumas, moose, wolves, lynxes and elk live in the park. Even in the town of Jasper, elk can be observed using the flowers planted there as food in the gardens. With an area of 10,878 km², Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies and offers a variety of fascinating excursion destinations.

Places of interest in and around Jasper

Jasper “SkyTram”

A stay in Jasper should not end without enjoying a ride on the Jasper SkyTram. This is the longest and highest tram in Canada. The tram route leads from Jasper to Whistlers Mountain. The tram with the closed gondolas starts at an altitude of 1,304 meters and the route ends at 2,277 meters above sea level. Wihstlers Mountain offers spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains, the town of Jasper and the region’s defining Athabasca River.

Hot Springs of Miette

Jasper National Park is a water-rich area. In addition to rivers and lakes, there are also hot springs that offer a very special wellness experience. In the spectacular scenery, you can enjoy an open-air swim in a pool fed by the region’s hottest springs. While the mineral-rich water emerges from the mountainside steaming at 54 ° C, the water in the pool ultimately has a pleasant 40 ° C.

Jasper Discovery Trail

Moose in Jasper National Park
Moose in Jasper National Park, Image: Weekend Warrior Photos / shutterstock

The Jasper Discovery Trail runs around the mountain town. The well-developed and pleasant trail offers the opportunity to circle the city over a distance of 8 kilometers and discover fantastic views of the city and the mountain peaks of the Rocky Mountains for yourself.

Jasper Planetarium

In the Rocky Mountains, stargazing is a special treat. Accordingly, a visit to the city’s planetarium is worthwhile. The region has been designated a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and offers optimal conditions for stargazing. The planetarium is known for its interactive shows and powerful outdoor telescopes.

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Athabasca Falls

The Athabasca Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Jasper National Park. The water of the Athabasca River plunges over 23 meters into the depths and thus offers a spectacular natural spectacle.

Columbia Icefield Skywalk

The Columbia Icefield Skywalk is always worth a trip. The glass-bottomed Skywalk offers the opportunity to step over a cliff and stand practically above the depths, taking in a unique view of the peaks.

Maligne Lake

One of the impressive destinations is the Maligne Lake. Although the lake is one of many in the Rocky Mountains, its aquamarine waters and location between rugged glaciers and forested peaks make it a great backdrop for carefree hours in one of the world’s most spectacular natural landscapes.

Maligne Canyon

A spectacular water feature in summer and a breathtakingly beautiful ice landscape in winter, the canyon inspires at first sight. If you hike here on the paths above the gorge, you can see up to 50 meters into the depths, where the water has made a swath through the limestone ground.

Facts about Jasper and its national park

  • Jasper National Park was established in 1907, making it one of Canada’s oldest national parks.
  • The park covers an area of 11,228 km² and includes a variety of ecosystems, including alpine meadows, forests, rivers, and glaciers.
  • Jasper is home to more than 70 species of mammals, including grizzly bears, elk, moose, and mountain sheep.
  • The park is also home to more than 250 species of birds, including eagles, hawks, and eagle owls.
  • The Icefields Parkway, which runs through Jasper, is one of the most beautiful roads in the world and offers spectacular views of the mountains and glaciers.
  • Maligne Lake, one of the most famous lakes in the park, is the second largest glacial lake in the world and offers boat tours, hiking, and fishing.
  • Jasper is a dark sky park, which means there is little light pollution and the night sky is ideal for stargazing.
  • Tourism is the main industry in Jasper, and there are many activities for visitors, including hiking, biking, skiing, wildlife viewing, and camping.