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Traumhafte Kulisse in Kelowna mit den Weinbergen im Vordergrund, Bild: John Fader / shutterstock

Kelowna in Canada – A paradise for nature lovers and wine connoisseurs

Welcome to Kelowna, a charming town on Lake Okanagan in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The Kelowna area is known for its stunning landscapes, mild temperatures, and many outdoor activities. Whether breathtaking nature experiences, culinary delights or sporting activities – Kelowna has something to offer for every taste. In this blog article, we’ll share some of the top sights and tips for a memorable stay in Kelowna.

Discover the beauty of Okanagan Lake

Lake Okanagan is the heart of Kelowna. It is 135 kilometers long and offers a picturesque backdrop for all kinds of water sports activities. Rent a kayak or stand-up paddle board and explore the lake on your own. If you prefer to take it easy, you can also take a boat tour and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Visit Knox Mountain Park

If you need a break from the water, Knox Mountain Park is the perfect place to enjoy nature. The park is just minutes from downtown and offers stunning views of Kelowna and Lake Okanagan. There are plenty of hiking trails and picnic areas, so you can spend a full day in the park.

Explore the wineries of Kelowna

Another attraction in Kelowna is the Okanagan Wine Country, which stretches along Okanagan Lake. Here you will find over 40 wineries, all of which produce excellent wines. You can do a wine tasting, take a wine tour through the vineyards or just enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Visit the Mission Hill Family Estate, one of the region’s best-known wineries, which offers stunning views of the lake. Another great winery is Quails’ Gate Winery, which offers the highest quality wines and beautiful views of the lake. If you are a wine lover, you should definitely not miss a visit to Okanagan Wine Country.

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Visit the Kelowna Art Gallery

If you’re interested in art, you should visit the Kelowna Art Gallery. The gallery shows contemporary works of art by regional and international artists. There are also frequently changing exhibitions, so there is always something new to see.

Discover Myra Canyon Park

Okanagan Lake, Kelowna
Lake Okanagan, Image: Mikhail Zapolskyi / shutterstock

Myra Canyon Park is another beautiful place for hiking and biking. The park is famous for its historic Kettle Valley Railway Trestle Bridge, which crosses the canyon. The view from the Trestle is breathtaking and you will feel like you are on a bridge in the clouds.

Visit the Orchard Park Mall

If you like shopping, you should visit the Orchard Park Mall. The mall is the largest shopping center in the region and offers a wide variety of shops and restaurants. There is also a food court and a cinema, so you can spend a whole day here.

Taste the local food in Kelowna

Kelowna offers a variety of restaurants that use local produce and ingredients. Sample some of the regional specialties such as Okanagan fruit, B.C. salmon, or local wines. Some of the best restaurants in town include RauDZ Regional Table, Waterfront Wines, and Bouchons Bistro.

Visit local markets and events in Kelowna

If you’re visiting Kelowna, we also encourage you to check out the local markets and events. The Kelowna Farmers’ Market offers a wide variety of local produce including fruits, vegetables, cheeses and crafts. There are also many annual events such as the Kelowna Apple Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Center of Gravity Festival that provide fun and entertainment for everyone. Don’t forget to visit the Kelowna Visitor Centre, where you can get more information about the city and the area.

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Discover Kelowna’s vibrant arts scene

In addition to the local markets and events, Kelowna also boasts a vibrant arts scene. Visit the Rotary Centre for the Arts, where you can enjoy art exhibitions, theater performances, and concerts. The Kelowna Community Theatre is another great event venue that hosts a wide range of performances by Musicals to ballet. In the summer, there are also many outdoor concerts and events, such as the Parks Alive! program, which offers free concerts in parks and public places. Whether you’re an art lover or a music fan, you’re sure to find something to suit your interests in Kelowna.


Kelowna is a beautiful place with lots of outdoor activities and attractions. Whether you’re looking for hiking, lakeside lounging, or cultural inspiration, Kelowna has something for everyone. We hope this article has given you some useful tips and ideas to make the most of your visit to Kelowna. Keep in mind that this is just a small selection of what the city has to offer, and there are many more sights and activities to explore.