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Traumhafte Idylle in Peggy`s Cove, Bild: Sam and Brian / shutterstock

Nova Scotia, the little-known gem of eastern Canada

Canada stands for vastness, for untouched nature and the pristine wilderness that so many people long for and which is unfortunately very rare to find. But if you are willing to go off the beaten track, you will come across an area in the far east of Canada that combines wonderful nature and breathtaking wildlife. Off we go to Nova Scotia, a province in the land of the maple leaf, which is still on the travel list of few people – very wrongly.

Nova Scotia – a small province in eastern Canada

The peninsula in the far east of Canada , together with the island of Cape Breton Island, forms the province of Nova Scotia, in German Nova Scotia, which was largely unknown outside the country. This name is no coincidence, because the English recognized the perfect location in the east of the Atlantic centuries ago and had a fortification built in 1749 where the capital Halifax is located today. From this hill they had the best view of the sea and everything that was going on there. This fortress is still in excellent condition today and is considered one of the highlights for tourists who would like to broaden their horizons away from the usual travel routes and areas.

The capital Halifax is a great place to live

View of Halifax
View of Halifax, Image: Russ Heinl / shutterstock

Even though the metropolis of Nova Scotia is far behind Toronto, Quebec, Montreal or Vancouver in terms of popularity and popularity, it does not have to hide. The long influence of the British way of life has left its mark here and so pubs and small pubs can still be found everywhere, where the mostly young inhabitants of Halifax drink a beer in the evening and listen to the live music on offer. The capital of Nova Scotia is actually not unknown in student circles and so this place lives from the many young adults who prepare for their lives here and enjoy their student time to the fullest. A colourful mix of cultures and a place with the very own charisma of a port city that invites you to take romantic walks and excursions for two.

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What should a visitor in Nova Scotia see?

The real star of this province is nature itself, which shows itself in the most beautiful colors, especially in autumn. This is where the famous Indian Summer really comes into its own, and from mid-September onwards, the leafy surroundings glow for 6 weeks in the most beautiful shades of red and orange that nature is capable of. If you are lucky enough to travel to this area at that time, you will not be able to escape the charm and the incredibly impressive nature. The more than 13,000 kilometres of coastline do the rest, as they attract visitors with soft, fine-grained sandy beaches, small bays and fascinating rock formations. And if you get one of the old lighthouses and the sunset in the background on your photo, you are sure to receive the applause of those at home and unforgettable moments. If you like to walk, you will enjoy a hiking trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park for about 7 kilometers, which comes with a spectacular view of the ocean and the surrounding rugged rock sections along the coast. And if that’s not enough to put this area on the list of next destinations, you might be swayed by whale watching and the prospect of black bears, moose and mountain lions.

The fascinating wildlife of Nova Scotia captivates everyone

In fact, the Canadian province is known for its whale watching tours, which have been regularly on the program of various providers for over 25 years. In addition to the impressive humpback, fin and right whales, there is also the opportunity to observe dolphins and bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat and to be infected and impressed by the fascination and liveliness of these animals.
To make it even more interesting, it is not even necessary to book a tour. Because the large sea creatures can also be spotted from Halifax. And if you come to Nova Scotia, you should ride the Cabot Trail anyway. This 300-kilometer road runs along the coast of Cape Breton Island, and here too there are great opportunities to watch whales and dolphins doing their jobs in the sea. This beautiful tour can also be done by bike and those who prefer to walk can also complete individual stages on foot and pick out the most beautiful points.

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If you are planning to see this interesting area with your own eyes, some airlines will take you from Germany to Halifax in 6-7 hours. And if you want to enjoy all the beauty of the surroundings, you should rent a car or campervan, because it would be a shame not to be able to experience every corner of this exciting area.