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Blick auf Mont Otemanu auf Bora Bora, Bild: BlueOrange Studio / shutterstock

Island Paradise in the South Seas – French Polynesia

French Polynesia – The overseas territory in the South Pacific, which belongs to France, has always been a popular destination for travel that makes dreams come true. The diverse area is not only ideal for exploring the tropical regions of this world, but the numerous atolls and a total of 118 islands also offer an indescribable variety within French Polynesia. Tourists will be able to discover cultural treasures, breathtaking landscapes in unspoiled nature and exotic fauna at every turn.

Tahiti – Tourist point of contact

French Polynesia
Beach on Bora Bora, Image: gg-foto / shutterstock

French Polynesia is divided into a total of five island groups, with a large part of the population living on the so-called Society Islands. Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea are particularly popular with travellers. These volcanic islands are characterized by their tropical climate, which leads to year-round temperatures just below 30 degrees, and their impressive rainforests, among other things. Not only the vegetation of rare, exotic plants makes the hearts of tourists beat faster, but also the wildlife invites you to explore. In addition to corals, butterflies and clownfish, manta rays, dolphins, sharks and turtles can also be admired.

Papeete, Tahiti
Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, Image: NAPA / shutterstock

The most populous island of French Polynesia is Tahiti, where the capital Papeete is also located. For souvenir hunters, the market square on Boulevard Pomaré is recommended. There, tourists can get a glimpse of local eating habits and experience a part of the culture and social life first-hand, as the inhabitants of Tahiti meet their daily food needs there. Handicrafts and numerous souvenirs can also be found there.

The Pearl Museum of Papeete is very close by and is also worth a look for every tourist. As a visitor, you get a detailed insight into the cultivation and processing of pearls and learn a lot about the history of this traditional craft. Admission to the museum is free, so every traveller can take a look, and for lovers of pearl jewellery, there is also a shop for these accessories. Tahiti is famous for its black pearls, which are considered a popular souvenir. For particularly art-loving tourists, a look at the gallery “Manua Exquisite Art” is also recommended. There, travelers can marvel at the works of French Polynesia’s most famous artists.

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Moorea, Polynesia
Image: Inspired By Maps / shutterstock

If you leave the capital, you can find the highlights of a trip to Tahiti: The island offers a botanical garden that is home to all kinds of exotic plant species. If you venture into the jungle, the true treasures of the island are revealed. The Fautaua waterfall is easy to reach and offers a natural spectacle of a special kind.

In the middle of the dense rainforest, it pours down rugged rock faces into a pool that invites you to swim while enjoying the breathtaking view. One advantage of Tahiti in contrast to other tropical regions is the fact that travelers have to fear almost no dangerous animals on their tours. In particular, snakes are not at home on the island paradise, only the mosquito spray should always be at hand.

In addition to the impressive, untouched and exotic nature, Tahiti also offers the discovery of a special piece of history. At “Point Venus” there is not only a lighthouse from 1867 to marvel at, but the place is also considered to be the place where the famous navigator James Cook landed. There are three monuments at the site, one to James Cook, another to the ship “Bounty” on which the South Seas were explored, and the last site is dedicated to the missionaries who worked in French Polynesia.

Culture and nature on Bora Bora and Moorea

Moorea, French Polynesia
The beach on Moorea, Image: Martin Valigursky / shutterstock

If you leave Tahiti, you will also find numerous sights on the surrounding islands. The turtle center on Bora Bora is very popular and if you want to marvel at a traditional dance show, you should take a trip to Moorea . There, authentic performances by the residents in the “Tiki Village Cultural Center” convey a certain South Sea flair.

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If the excursions into nature in Tahiti are not enough for you, you should plan some hikes on Moorea , not least because this island is considered one of the most beautiful in French Polynesia. A trip to the Belvedere viewpoint offers a fantastic overview of the adjacent valley and the bays of the island. The so-called “Magic Mountain” also offers a breathtaking panorama and the way there is lined with beautiful plantations where the tropical fruits are grown, which later end up on the plate.

Culinary Adventure – Food in French Polynesia

Papenu Valley, Tahiti
Papenu Valley in Tahiti, Image: Josip Pastor / shutterstock

Friends of seafood will get their money’s worth, as fish in particular is high on the menu in numerous variations. In addition to tuna, mackerel or salmon, the traditional cuisine also offers very exotic dishes such as swordfish or parrotfish.

But numerous types of fruit and vegetables are also processed into fine dishes. Not only sweet potatoes and coconuts are particularly popular, fruits such as uru are also used in the kitchen. This grows on the breadfruit tree, is grilled, fried or served as a salad and tastes like freshly baked bread.

Apart from the food, some preparation methods also provide a surprise: On special occasions, an earth oven is used. Volcanic stones, heated by an underground fire source, are covered with food wrapped in banana leaves, which in turn are buried under sand and stones to be cooked.