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Ein Urlaub mit Tier ist bei richtiger Planung ein tolles Erlebnis, Bild: Monika Wisniewska / shutterstock

Holidays with pets – travelling with dogs, cats & co.

You want to spend the most beautiful time of the year with your loved ones and that often includes one or the other pet. But to ensure that the holiday is equally relaxed for humans and animals, there are a few things to consider. With our tips, nothing stands in the way of a wonderful time for everyone involved.

General tips for vacationing with your dog, cat or other pets in the EU

Pets are part of the family for many people and therefore they should not be missing on holiday. However, you have to think about a holiday with a pet in advance so that it is really pleasant for everyone involved.

First of all, it is worth knowing that according to the legal regulations, travelers are allowed to take a maximum of five pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) with them per person. Within the EU, they are allowed to travel if they are clearly identified, i.e. have a microchip or tattoo. The identification number of the animal must be noted in the EU pet passport issued by the veterinarian. In addition, a note about a rabies vaccination must be entered in it, which must be done no later than three weeks before travel within the EU.

Depending on the country of travel, there may be other regulations, such as leash and muzzle requirements, which holidaymakers should inform themselves about in advance. When travelling outside the EU, the re-entry conditions must also be observed. Information about these is provided by the respective embassies and tourist information offices of the destination country, among others.

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Winter holiday dog
With the right planning, you can spend a nice winter holiday with your pet, Image: Hrecheniuk Oleksii / shutterstock

It is also important to find out before the start of the holiday whether the travel cancellation and liability insurance also applies to the pet.

Of course, a pet may not be taken on holiday in a suitcase. Therefore, a suitable transport box must be procured, to which you should get your pet used in advance, for example by occasionally placing a treat in the box. Then the animal associates positive associations with the container and can easily endure it in it for a while.

Finally, pet owners should create a travel checklist for their little friends in advance and think about which things they absolutely need on holiday. In addition to food, treats and animal toys, this can also include sun protection, a muzzle for dogs or special medication for calming or against motion sickness.

Traveling with your pet on the plane

When travelling by flight with a pet, the regulations of the respective airline must be observed. Small animals, such as hamsters, usually count as hand luggage, while larger animals such as dogs and cats must fly in the hold. Here you should definitely remember that the animals have enough water and food in their box for the road. Not only on the plane, but also on the train or car, pet owners should always be prepared for their pets to relieve themselves.

Car travel with a pet

Longer car journeys mean stress for pets. If high temperatures are added in summer, the holiday trip becomes a strain for the animals. Owners should therefore preferably leave in the early morning or evening hours and provide enough water. On a holiday with a dog , it is advisable to give your four-legged friend a break every few hours to go for a walk. A matter of course: never leave animals alone in a closed car in summer.

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Holidays with dogs, cats and co. – find the right accommodation

When choosing the right accommodation, it is of course important to make sure that pets are welcome there. Whether on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, in charming low mountain ranges such as the Harz and Eifel, in the Bavarian mountains or abroad – everywhere you can find holiday apartments, holiday homes and hotels that allow people and animals alike to have a good time. On a holiday with a dog, the four-legged friends can let off steam to their heart’s content by the sea on designated dog beaches and in popular nature areas such as the Sauerland, Allgäu or Thuringian Forest, there are countless opportunities for long walks with four-legged friends anyway. Metropolises such as Hamburg, Berlin or Copenhagen are also not unsuitable for a holiday with a dog, because in addition to pet-friendly accommodation, there are a number of green spaces that are suitable for walking.