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Blick auf den Strand von Fort Myers, Bild: Earl Marshall Nicholson / shutterstock

Fort Myers – Florida’s underrated beach paradise

220 kilometers from Miami, Florida presents itself from its most beautiful side. Fort Myers is a perfect destination for nature and beach lovers. The southwest coast of Florida inspires with pristine white sandy beaches, extensive mangrove forests, exotic flora and fauna as well as numerous highlights for those interested in culture. Often underestimated, Fort Myers is a charming vacation and destination with numerous facets and a very special charm. The city on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River and on the Gulf of Mexico has long since developed into a hub for western Florida due to its airport, but Fort Myers is not only worth passing through or a short trip, but also offers unforgettable holidays here.

Pure beach feeling near the city

Welcome Sign Fort Myers
Welcome sign of Fort Myers, Image: Sadie Mantell/shutterstock

Fort Myers surprises with pristine sandy beaches. The white beaches and the sea shimmering in all shades of blue could hardly be more inviting. Both Fort Myers Beach and the beaches of the offshore Keys are wonderful, because there are neither large hotel complexes nor crowds here. Rather, the beaches invite you to relax and enjoy. Even those who are not romantically inclined will become romantics on the beaches around Fort Myers, because there is no more beautiful place to enjoy a spectacular sunset or a romantic walk on the beach.

Wonderful, family-friendly bathing spots and uniquely good dive sites alternate. Captiva Island and Sanibel Island in particular are perfect for shellfish collecting and those who dare to paddle can observe manatees and dolphins up close. But the coast near Fort Myers is also known for its fishing spots, and kayakers and stand-up paddlers can also indulge in their sport without any problems. With all the sporting activities, boat tours along the coast are also worthwhile and of course there should also be time to just make yourself comfortable on one of the picturesque beaches in the Florida sun and enjoy the view of the sea.

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Shelters and retreats – discover Florida’s exotic flora and fauna

The untouched nature is another reason to choose Fort Myers as a travel destination. Along the sun-drenched coast lie countless uninhabited islands, which can be reached by boat or seaplane and are considered particularly worthy of protection. Numerous wild animals use the islands as a shelter and retreat and so hundreds of turtles hatch on the beaches of the islands every year and make their way into the sea. But iguanas also bask in the sun here and crabs crawl in large numbers over the lonely beaches, while whole flocks of migratory birds use the islands as resting places.

But not only the uninhabited islands are an experience for nature lovers, but also tours through the protected mangrove groves prove to be worthwhile. Not only the rich flora surprises here, but also bobcats, alligators and river otters can be discovered again and again. A special recommendation is a visit to the Darling National Wildlife Refuge, the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem in the USA.

Searching for traces – the special charm of the city

Apartments in Fort Myers
Apartments in Fort Myers, Image: Alex Westermann / shutterstock

The scenic assets and exotic flora and fauna of Fort Myers and Sanibel are extremely inspiring. Thomas Alva Edison already appreciated the advantages of the tropical island paradise of Fort Myers and Sanibel Island. Edison’s friend Henry Ford, the still unforgotten car manufacturer and resourceful businessman, was also drawn to Fort Myers. Thus, the two important personalities of American history spent large parts of the year in Fort Myers from 1885 onwards. Today, visitors can visit, among other things, Edison’s impressive winter estate, which now serves as a museum and is a real visitor magnet with its beautiful park. A visit to the inventor’s estate is like a little journey through time and both the living quarters, the office, his laboratory and the gardens, which Edison once meticulously maintained, exert a very special fascination. In addition, the estate also houses a collection of antique cars, photos and exhibits from Edison’s almost 1,100 patents. German-language guided tours are offered every Wednesday and Friday.

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Culasu Blueway – in the footsteps of the indigenous people

A special experience is a kayak tour on the Great Calusa Blueway paddle path. In total, a 300-kilometre-long network of waterways stretches across the region. Where the Calusa once lived, active holidaymakers can now glide silently along the waterways by canoe or kayak, just like the members of the tribe once did, and discover the rich nature of the region for themselves. The “waterways” are signposted, and paddlers can also be guided by GPS.

Fort Myers, the diverse regional metropolis

Away from the beaches, Fort Myers also has its charm. The city is an attraction for shopping fans. It is not only the typical shopping centers and shopping malls, but much more the numerous small and exclusive shops that give Fort Myers a special magic. The spectrum ranges from factory outlets to large shopping centers to small and colorful galleries in the artists’ quarters and classic owner-managed shops in the historic downtown Fort Myers. But it is also the numerous small and large restaurants, classic dinners and cafés that make up the charm of the city. In addition, visitors to the city benefit from the city’s art and culture scene even during a disdainful shopping spree, because exhibitions are always held in public spaces, galleries attract visitors with varied exhibitions and, thanks to numerous festivals, theater performances and concerts, it is always worth taking a look at the calendar of events.