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Die Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Bild: Lucky-photographer / shutterstock

California is rightly considered an absolute dream destination

In the recent past, it was hardly possible to make longer trips to distant countries in between. In the meantime, however, the situation has improved and it is finally possible again, for example, to travel to the USA and there, for example, to beautiful California. California in particular makes many people dream in advance and is absolutely rightly at the top of many travelers’ list of absolute dream destinations. California has an incredible amount to offer its visitors and, in addition to many highlights and fantastic places, also attracts numerous vacationers across the pond every year with a special lifestyle and the friendly local people. In this article, we want to address some of the most important reasons to take a California vacation.

Casual lifestyle and easy-going Californians

California has an incredible number of interesting destinations in store for its visitors. In addition, California is also known all over the world for its relaxed lifestyle. Experiencing the fascinating California for yourself is an absolute must for many travelers and is often at the top of the list of the most popular travel destinations.

This is partly due to the fact that California stands for sun, good mood and a relaxed lifestyle. The people of California are considered particularly friendly, not least because of their laid-back lifestyle, and they play a major role in the special atmosphere in California.

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Californians are also considered helpful and particularly open-minded and open-hearted. This makes it particularly easy for holidaymakers to immerse themselves in the Californian lifestyle and adopt the much more relaxed lifestyle within a few days. The good mood among the Californians and also among the visitors is of course also related to the great weather and the many sunny days.

California inspires with countless sights

On a trip through California, there are an incredible number of sights to see and a variety of absolute highlights that should not be missed. The most famous symbol of California is probably the Golden Gate Bridge, which inspires people all over the world far beyond the borders of the USA.

You should definitely pay a visit to Hollywood, which exudes a special glamour and immerses visitors in a glittering world of stars. On the other hand, you should also plan enough time for a visit to the world-famous beaches of San Diego. On these beaches you will always meet many surfers looking for the perfect wave.

Yoswmite Falls is definitely worth a visit, which causes its visitors to look amazed, not least because of Yosemite Falls. The contrasts are very great in California and so, in addition to gigantic waterfalls, there is also a hostile place with Death Valleys, which allows vacationers to immerse themselves in a hostile but impressive desert landscape.

California has many fascinating cities to offer

On the Californian coast, you can head for a variety of exciting cities on the trip. Along Highway One there are numerous large and small cities that captivate visitors with their special flair.

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Of course, the big cities such as San Francisco, San Diego or Los Angeles magnetically attract a particularly large number of travelers from other countries. All these big cities have every mange to offer and are definitely worth a detour. However, there is so much to discover in California that it is best to think in advance about what you definitely want to see on a round trip.

Las Vegas is not located in California, but in the neighboring state of Nevada. Nevertheless, it may be worth planning some time for a detour into the glittering casino world of Las Vegas. After all, Las Vegas is absolutely fascinating, especially because of its numerous huge casinos.

Discover the most beautiful beaches in California

California is a huge state in the USA and due to its size alone, the climate is not the same everywhere in California. Basically, however, it can be said that California has many hours of sunshine. Especially the southern area of California awaits its visitors with lots of sunshine and numerous dream beaches.

The most beautiful beaches in California definitely include Malibu, La Jolla cove and Santa Monica Beach. In addition, there are also many not-so-well-known beaches that also have a lot of charm and should be discovered.