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Föhr ist ein tolles Reiseziel und besonders beliebt bei für Jugendreisen, Bild: Thomas Haupt / shutterstock

Föhr: Holidays in North Frisia

The island of Föhr may not be one of the most famous Frisian islands, but it has long been an insider tip for those who want to take a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. In fact, the island is best known for the many youth camps and school trips, as it combines the Wadden Sea experience and Frisian islands with the great sea air and interesting history. Föhr is not so small – after all, it is the most populous German island. But this is only one reason why more and more people are discovering the magic of the island for themselves, especially in recent years.

What do you need to know about Föhr before visiting?

Föhr Beach
You can also relax in peace on the beach of Föhr , Image: torstengrieger / shutterstock

The traces on the island indicate that the first inhabitants were found here as early as the Bronze Age. At that time, the island was probably still partially connected to the land and it was only the rising sea level of the North Sea that finally created the actual Frisian islands. Traces of this first settlement are still among the sights that you should have seen on Föhr today. Since then, the island has experienced very different eras. For a while it was an outpost of the Frisians, later it was an important place for shipping and many boatmen and captains had their headquarters here.

“Föhr lies like a haven of peace in the middle of the North Frisian Wadden Sea”

Michael Müller Verlag “Föhr & Amrum

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Since the end of the Second World War, the economy on the island in particular has changed. While fishing and agriculture still played an important role at the beginning of the last century, today it is mainly tourism that ensures the survival of the island. Not only the overnight guests, who want to take in the good sea air and the beautiful island, for example, play an important role, but above all the day tourists. They come from the mainland or other islands and take the opportunity to take a look at the impressive area of the North Frisian Islands.

A good reason for visiting Föhr and the other Frisian islands is certainly the almost foreign way of life. While Wyk is a small town, life on Föhr always moves a little slower than it does on the mainland. Local cultures and traditions also still play an important role. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that a form of Frisian Platt is still spoken here. There are also many occasions when the inhabitants flaunt the old traditions that have been maintained on the island for centuries.

The most important sights on the island of Föhr

Landscape Föhr
Beautiful relaxation in beautiful nature, Image: Pixel62 / shutterstock

When visiting the island, the historic buildings play a role. Although comparatively small and with an eventful history, the traces of the different eras can still be seen today. A good example is the burial mounds, for example, which give an indication that the settlement of the Frisian islands began long before modern civilization. In general, graves play an important role in the sights. The talking gravestones on the churches are an example of this. Instead of simply remembering the deceased, they tell the exciting life stories of those who have found their final resting place here.

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In addition to the museums, which tell of the deprivation of life on the island in the past, but also of the historical traces on Föhr, the famous windmills are an attraction for visitors. Located very close to the town of Wyk, some of them were built in the early 19th century and some have been preserved to this day in the form in which they were once built. They are also a testimony to how important agriculture once was and how the special conditions in the middle of the sea were used to achieve a yield.

Nature and culture on Föhr and the Frisian Islands

Travel Guide Föhr
You can find more information about Föhr in the travel guide “Föhr & Amrum” from Michael Müller Verlag. >> Order here

Anyone who decides to visit the Frisian Islands and especially Föhr will usually have nature in the back of their minds. The Wadden Sea Nature Reserve has a very special attraction and especially the climate and the good air invite thousands of visitors to hike and cycle on the island year after year. Here you have every freedom you could wish for. Guided tours lead through the mudflats at low tide and tell what this special spectacle of nature is all about. If you want to explore the island more, you can get your own impression of the island along dunes and excellently developed hiking trails. The museums and the regular events on Föhr also help to understand the culture a little better. In the evening you can stop at one of the many restaurants, enjoy good seafood and typical German cuisine while recovering from the long excursions in nature.