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Ramsau in Bayern ist einer der schönsten Urlaubsorte für alle, die gerne wandern und Rad fahren, Bild: Rasto SK / shutterstock

Rural holidays in Germany: The most beautiful destinations for active holidaymakers

An active holiday is a wonderful change from the frequent sitting in everyday office life. If you want to get to know great regions and become active, you don’t necessarily have to travel far away.

Germany has a variety of beautiful holiday regions to offer, which invite you to get active and explore the fascinating nature. From farm holidays to hiking holidays to city trips and trips to the sea, everything is open to holidaymakers. We present some of the most beautiful destinations for active holidaymakers.

A great holiday doesn’t have to go beyond national borders

One of the great strengths of Germany as a travel destination is that there are almost every conceivable holiday region here. If you are longing for a holiday in the mountains, you will find what you are looking for in the diverse German mountains and the North Sea and Baltic Sea are ideal for a holiday by the sea. At the same time, Germany is a very nature-loving country. From cycling and hiking trails to farms and nature reserves, there are numerous options to get in touch with nature on holiday.

If you want to have a great holiday time, you don’t necessarily have to book a holiday abroad. In Germany, there is a considerable number of accommodations that are suitable for very different target groups. Some hotels are geared towards families and offer an interesting program for children of different ages. Others have a wellness character, while others focus on sporting activities. Through a targeted selection, you can find accommodation that fully meets your own requirements.

Farm holidays

A farm holiday is one of the most popular types of travel for families in Germany. People find it great to get in touch with nature during their holidays and to get to know rural life up close. Different farms each offer different activities where you can have a good time during your holiday. Many travellers opt for activities such as a holiday on the Golchen farm because it combines rustic cosiness with beautiful nature and lovable animals.

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A stay on a farm can be arranged in many different ways. Some like to get to know the region around the farm and to take a variety of walks or excursions by bike. Others would like to lend a hand themselves and muck out a stable, feed the animals or do other tasks that arise on a farm. For families with children, it is a good idea to choose a farm that is home to a wide variety of animal species. Goats can be petted, horses ridden and played with the farm dog.

Discover the power of nature on German hiking trails

Hiking in Germany
Relaxing in touch with nature is easy on Germany’s hiking trails, Image: Corri Seizinger / shutterstock

There are around 300,000 km of hiking trails in Germany. These each have their own character and charm and are therefore suitable for different target groups. Some hiking trails are specially designed for athletes and are correspondingly challenging. Here it is advisable to have high-quality equipment with you. There are also adventure hiking trails that are specially tailored to families with children. Here, the little ones can get active in nature, perform at their best in sports and learn a lot about the local flora and fauna. Other hiking trails lead along attractive bodies of water and are ideal for leisurely walks. There are rest stations and benches on many hiking trails, so that there are always enough breaks to be taken.

Many active holidaymakers are enthusiastic about a hiking holiday. Here they have the opportunity to come into close contact with nature and breathe in the excellent air in the German forests . The individual hiking trails differ depending on the state in which they can be found. The Goldsteig in Bavaria offers the opportunity to get to know the culture of the southern state directly. The Upper Lusatian Mountain Trail in Saxony is also characterized by its remarkable buildings and the Jägersteig in Baden-Württemberg offers a fantastic view of the Schluchsee.

City trips to German metropolises

If you are on holiday in Germany, you can visit a variety of metropolises worth seeing. Berlin is particularly worth mentioning. The German capital combines the flair of a world metropolis with great cosiness and an unmistakable charm. Munich is also worth a visit. The Bavarian capital is considered one of the most liveable cities in the world and offers a good insight into the Bavarian culture and the attitude to life of the people of this state.

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If you really want to experience something during your holiday, you should travel to Cologne during carnival time. Here, the Rhenish attitude to life is palpable and the locals welcome the tourists. Dresden is an immensely historic city where modernity and history go hand in hand. With Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein has an attractive city to offer that perfectly combines rurality and city life. There is the possibility to explore the various highlights of the individual cities in detail during your holiday. Likewise, on a city trip, you can head for very different metropolises to get as comprehensive a picture as possible of the German way of life.

A wonderful holiday by the sea

One of the best ways to go on holiday in Germany is to visit the sea. With the North Sea and the Baltic Sea , there are two great regions that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of the sea. While mudflat hiking is a real highlight on the North Sea, there are a variety of beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea that are ideal for sports such as swimming, diving or motorboating . In addition, there are numerous North Sea and Baltic Sea islands such as Sylt, Norderney, Rügen and Usedom, which are definitely worth a visit.

Holidays in great depths and impressive heights

The Bavarian Forest is one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. This is because there are a variety of activities here that are particularly popular with active holidaymakers. Thus, stalactite caves can be explored here, which is a real adventure for people of all ages. If you want, you can walk the treetop walks in Bavaria and see the magnificent nature from above. Last but not least, Bavaria is rich in thermal baths, which provide the necessary relaxation after the various activities.


Germany has a lot to offer as a travel destination for active holidaymakers. It is important that travelers know exactly what kind of vacation they would like to experience. From high mountains to wide seas, Germany has everything to offer that makes a dream holiday. In addition, there are all kinds of holiday accommodation, from farms to hotels to bungalows, each of which has a different focus and has an individual charm.