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Ein malerischer Strand in Madagaskar, Bild: YuG / shutterstock

Fascinating tropical paradise – the 6 most beautiful islands in Africa

Untouched powdered sugar beaches, azure shimmering bays, crystal clear water, unique flora and fauna, idyllic villages and culinary experiences: the numerous islands off the African coast have this and much more to offer. Whether it’s Mauritius, Madagascar or the Seychelles, travellers will discover a picture-perfect tropical paradise here. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to choose a specific holiday destination. Which are the most beautiful islands in Africa?

The islands of Africa

A trip to Africa is a very special adventure. While immersing yourself in a completely new culture, you have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary flora and fauna up close.

There are not only many cultural treasures and natural jewels to discover on the mainland, but also on the numerous African islands in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The following are certainly among the most beautiful and can definitely compete with the 5 most popular islands in the Caribbean .


Tanzania, Zanzibar
Simply fantastic: The sea and the beaches of Zanzibar, Image: Marius Dobilas / shutterstock

Zanzibar is one of the absolute classics among the islands of Africa. The tropical paradise off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean is known for two main reasons. On the one hand, the Stone Town of Zanzibar can be found here – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. No wonder: this wonderfully historic old town with its richly decorated buildings from the 19th century made of coral stone is impressively well preserved.

On the other hand, Zanzibar is not known as a spice island for nothing, because numerous Zanzibar spices such as pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom are cultivated here. The many spice plantations are characteristic of Zanzibar, along with exotic palm beaches and azure blue waters.

Another plus: A trip to Zanzibar can be wonderfully combined with a safari on the mainland to discover the unique wildlife of Tanzania.


Probably the most famous African island is Madagascar – not least thanks to the DreamWorks animated films of the same name. But that’s not all: The island off the east coast of Mozambique is the largest island state in Africa with around 580,000 km2. After Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo, Madagascar is even the 4th largest island in the world.

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Madagascar is a real paradise for nature lovers. Lush mangrove forests, enchanting coral reefs, vast semi-deserts and unique flora and fauna: the island has plenty of natural gems to offer. A very special highlight are probably the world-famous lemurs – primates that only occur in Madagascar. This is probably one of the reasons why the island is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Africa . In some national parks, the lemurs can be observed up close:

Lemurs are wonderful to observe in Madagascar’s national parksmoja-travel.net).


Striking volcanic mountains, palm-fringed sandy beaches and many luxury hostels: Mauritius is also one of the most beautiful and popular dream islands in Africa. Located east of Madagascar, the volcanic island is a true Eldorado for water sports – whether for sailing, diving or windsurfing.

Nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts also get their money’s worth in Mauritius – especially in the Black River Gorges National Park, one of Mauritia’s top attractions. There are a number of trails, fantastic viewpoints, waterfalls and unique wildlife to be discovered here. In addition, a visit to the 85 m deep volcanic crater Trou aux Cerfs in the city of Curepipe should not be missed on any trip to Mauritius. This is not only incredibly impressive, but is also easily accessible by car.

Cape Verde

Around 550 km off the west coast of Africa are the 15 Cape Verde Islands, or Cape Verde for short. This archipelago of islands in the Atlantic Ocean has been growing in popularity for several years – and for good reason, of course. The islands of Cape Verde attract with numerous, varied top attractions that should not be missed.

While Santiago, the greenest island in Cape Verde, has an impressive landscape, Boavista attracts visitors with huge dune beaches. On Fogo, the volcano Pico de Fogo, the highest elevation of the islands, dominates the landscape. The island of Ribeira da Prata has many mighty peaks for hiking enthusiasts and the island of Sal is an absolute beach and surf paradise that is second to none.

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While most African islands are located in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Djerba is located in the Mediterranean Sea – more precisely , off the Tunisian coast. The beautiful island awaits travelers with almost endless sandy beaches, azure blue water and exciting cities. The top activities on Djerba include not only relaxing beach days, but also extensive sightseeing tours.

In the capital Houmt Souk , travellers can expect oriental old town flair and market halls, where dozens of traders advertise a potpourri of fruits, sweets and spices. In addition to classics of Tunisian cuisine, Djerba also has a lot to offer for those interested in art . For example, the pottery village of Guellala is known for its beautiful pottery, while the village of Erriadh is home to the oldest surviving synagogue in North Africa: the ornate e-Griba Synagogue.


Anse Source d'Argent, La Dihue
Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, Image: Simon Dannhauer / shutterstock

The Seychelles is a stunning island paradise north of Madagascar, made up of a total of 115 islands – each one more dreamlike than the last. Characteristic of the Seychelles is its impressively beautiful and diverse landscape. In concrete terms, this means that sugar-white sandy beaches, bizarre granite rocks and spectacular coral reefs, for example, shake hands here.

One of the highlights in the Seychelles is the beach of Anse Source D’Argent on the fourth largest Seychelles island La Digue. The sugar-white sandy beach on the turquoise blue sea, surrounded by impressive granite rocks, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Furthermore, a visit to the beautiful national parks in the Seychelles, where giant tortoises and unique bird species are at home, is worthwhile in any case.

The islands of Africa – a paradise that is second to none

Whether Zanzibar, Madagascar, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Djerba or the Seychelles: These African islands have a lot to offer. From beautiful natural jewels to impressive art treasures and culinary delights, a holiday on one of these islands is an unforgettable experience.