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Scharm El-Scheich, Bild: eFesenko / shutterstock

Sharm El Sheikh – paradisiacal conditions on the Red Sea

The children learn that the Red Sea is anything but red in geography lessons in primary school. Rather, the visual impressions of this ocean fluctuate between azure and sky blue. Sharm El Sheikh (Sharm el Sheikh) at the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt is the epitome of a world-class diving destination. Some friends of the underwater world even think that this hotspot is incomparable because it offers almost everything that divers hope for from their dream destination: fascinating coral banks, shipwrecks on the seabed, barracuda, sharks and mighty turtles. Sharm El Sheikh on the coastal strip between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez guarantees sun, sand and diving experiences that you will never forget.

Between the desert and the warm sea

As-Sahaba Mosque
As-Sahaba Mosque, Image: eFesenko / shutterstock

On the one hand, the infinity of the desert – on the other, the always warm sea. This holiday resort in Egypt has much more to offer than just the beach and sunbathing. The water on the doorstep of the inviting resorts and hotels is almost always so clear that on some days you don’t even need snorkeling goggles to spot the colorful fish in their wet element. This region enjoyed intensive protection by the authorities early on, because the national park near Ras Mohammed offers a wealth of sights above and below water. As early as 1983, the country’s environmental authorities decided to pay special attention to the park near Sharm El-Sheikh. White storks and ospreys can still be found here, but if you want to experience the unusual, you should go underwater.

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Sharm El Sheikh – Landlubbers and water sports enthusiasts

  Sharm El Sheikh
Image: Elena Pavlovich / shutterstock

The Ras Mohammed National Park guarantees unique diving encounters. Because this is still the home of surgeonfish and parrot fish. But this is also the refuge of numerous sharks and the imposing Napoleon fish, which can reach the stately weight of two hundred kilograms when fully grown. This remarkable maritime world requires the special attention of visitors, who have to pay a daily fee of five euros to explore the almost five hundred square kilometre national park and are only allowed to stay there during the day. And if you are content to explore the protected area from land alone, you will be lucky enough to spot herons and eagles between the mangroves and the desert-like territories. This is not only an Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts, but also an adventure park for landlubbers.

Water sports, discos and clubs

Speaking of water sports! Almost every hotel and resort in Sharm El Sheikh, which translates to “the Sheikh’s Bay”, has inviting swimming pools. Some even resemble the extensive facilities of the water park “Aqua Blu”, which attracts families with their children almost magically with its huge water slides. But if you are satisfied with the idyll of the booked hotel complex, you will find distance from everyday life under the roof of the shady palm trees. International tourism has been triumphing in this city for many years and presents itself with a world that is sometimes quiet and sometimes noisy. Because when the sun sinks on the horizon, the hour of discos and clubs begins with an interesting nightlife. Then the restaurants are also well filled with their extensive culinary and often maritime offerings. Sharm El Sheikh is also enjoying increasing popularity among an international audience because the place meets almost all the requirements for an optimal holiday stay and because the tourist infrastructure is right there. The proximity to the airport, one of the largest in Egypt, is also a trump card of the city.

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The spices at Naama Bay

And if you are looking for an original souvenir while shopping, you will certainly find it in the numerous shops of Sharm El-Sheikh. If not there, then certainly at the Old Market on Naama Bay, six kilometers from the gates of the Egyptian vacation paradise. Several hotels in the city offer a shuttle service there. The bustling market in the old town presents the whole abundance of the Orient with handicraft products and also with spices of all kinds. And if it’s too hot for a shopping spree at Naama Bay, stop by the large SOHO Square, where you’ll even find a rink for ice skaters. One of the buildings worth seeing in Sharm El Sheikh is undoubtedly the Al Mustafa Mosque, which exudes a unique charm when illuminated after dark. But the church El Sama-eyeen in the Hay-el-Nour district is also worth a visit with its Coptic Orthodox elements.

With quad bike or camel into the desert

If you want a change from hotel and beach life, you may want to ride on the back of a rocking camel in this Egyptian city. Or for a quad bike tour through the desert sand or for a visit to the hospitable Bedouins on the outskirts of Sharm El-Sheikh. As part of a day tour, the legendary and mysterious St. Catherine’s Monastery can also be reached. There’s no question about it: this Red Sea region is designed for people who want a mix of relaxation and experience.