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Beim bewussten Reisen Stresshormone abbauen, Bild: Peera_stockfoto / shutterstock

Conscious, healthy travel with all the senses

Travelling can be a real enrichment: it provides insights into other countries, regions and cultures, but it also brings relaxation and recreation. Those who travel broaden their horizons through the different and new trips, but they can also promote health, as it helps to reduce stress and enables various activities that are healthy for body and mind. In order for the trip to be an experience for the senses and contribute to health, it is important to choose the right destination and good planning.

A guide to travel

The free e-book “
More than Vacation – Guide
” provides information about traveling with all the senses and the promotion of health through travel. It describes how travel leaves long-lasting impressions when the holiday destination is perceived with all the senses. The guide shows how choosing a holiday destination and planning the trip correctly can help you act sustainably and promote health. It also shows important tips for healthy travel and conscious relaxation.

Tips from the expert for conscious travel

The author of the free guide is the psychologist and health scientist Julia Scharnhorst. Since 2003, she has been running the management consultancy Health Professional Plus to advise companies on occupational health management. She has authored numerous articles on health topics and has published various books on mental health in the workplace. She also gave lectures and interviews.

Fantastic beach in Langeoog
Fantastic beach in Langeoog, Image: Doris Oberfrank-List / shutterstock

The author heads the Department of Health Psychology in the Professional Association of German Psychologists. She is familiar with the topic of travel and the needs of holidaymakers. In North Frisia, she owns a 200-year-old, lovingly restored Frisian house, where she rents out two holiday apartments. The North Sea island of Langeoog is the author’s favourite travel destination. The fascinating versatility of the North Sea and the silence are important reasons why she chose the North Sea island as her favourite destination.

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Useful tips in the free e-book

In her guidebook, the author provides useful tips for traveling with all the senses and getting to know new cultures. It provides information on how travelers can broaden their horizons. Julia Scharnhorst shows how travelers can try out new skills and strengthen their self-confidence. For a healthy holiday, the author informs about the dos and don’ts of travelling. Travelers should check how they use their smartphones and not take on too much. To clear your head, it is important to distance yourself from everyday life. It is important to practice mindfulness and relaxation and to move consciously. If you want to experience a relaxing holiday, you should proceed according to the DRAMMA model, which the author describes in detail in the e-book. Sensory overload on holiday should be avoided.

The author offers useful tips on how travellers can perceive their holiday with the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. In addition to helpful tips, various exercises are also available to train the senses on holiday.

The importance of conscious and healthy travel

The free guide shows how important conscious and healthy travel is in today’s world. The hectic everyday life often leads to sensory overload. Health and conscious perception fall by the wayside. The author shows how travelers can benefit in the long term and gain lasting impressions that give them new strength for everyday life. The topic of conscious travel is important for the development of the personality and for the mindful interaction with fellow human beings and with nature. Travelers become open to new things and broaden their horizons if they consciously perceive everything.

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