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Stadionbesuche sind auf Reisen beliebt. Manche reisen sogar gezielt in ein Land, um Sportveranstaltungen live zu sehen, Bild: Checubus / shutterstock

The most popular leisure activities while traveling

Each resort has unique features to offer that are worth a visit. Depending on personal preferences and destinations, there are different options in each case. Some holidaymakers want to explore the greatest sights of a region, others are interested in excursions into nature. Other popular leisure activities are photography and the encounter with the culinary specialties of a holiday destination. This article presents the most popular leisure activities when traveling and explains why they are so popular.


For many, sightseeing is one of the most beautiful activities during a holiday. However, the priorities are often set differently. Some want to visit the greatest churches in the world , others want to go to impressive stadiums and watch sporting events. Still others are interested in visiting numerous statues and monuments, while some prefer to discover the shopping malls of the metropolises.

It is a good idea to check which sights there are in a region or holiday resort when planning your holiday. This ensures that you don’t miss any highlights. In addition, there is then the possibility to create an optimal plan in order to be able to visit as many sights as possible with as little effort as possible. Public transport is often a good choice for this.

Casino visits and sports betting

A visit to a casino is something very special. A unique atmosphere prevails here, which is characterized by excitement and thrills. The dress code, which still prevails in many casinos, also ensures an elegant atmosphere . Many holidaymakers come here to play roulette, try their luck on the slot machines, take a seat at poker tables or try their hand at blackjack.

In recent years, sports betting has also gained more and more fans. This is because such bets are not dependent on luck alone. If you have solid expertise and a lot of experience in a certain sport, you have a good chance of winning big. In the meantime, there are numerous possibilities in the online area to conveniently place bets and follow the various games. Find out more about what sports betting is all about.

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Photography is a favorite hobby for many when traveling

Recognizing a great moment and capturing it for eternity: This is the great task to which people who are enthusiastic about photography dedicate themselves. In this hobby, it is possible to create recordings that you will enjoy watching for a lifetime and that remind you of the greatest moments in life. Some also publish their pictures in a travel blog or on their website and thus share their experiences with others.

For this to work, it is important to have high-quality equipment at your disposal. For example, there are different cameras or mobile phones for different occasions and situations that are particularly suitable. In principle, it is possible to take beautiful photos with a mobile phone camera, but with versatile equipment that also includes cameras, the pictures will be particularly appealing and professional. Depending on your goals and your own abilities, you should rely on different solutions.

Try out culinary highlights

Photos on holiday
On vacation you can find a lot of interesting motifs to photograph, Image: kudla / shutterstock

There are some people who order the same things on vacation that they eat at home. But that should not be the claim. Different cultures each have different dishes and creations, which always give an impression of their living environment and their way of thinking. For many, it is therefore important to try out very different dishes and to come into contact with the culinary highlights of a region.

This is possible in different ways: Some book full board in a hotel and try out the different dishes offered there at a buffet. Others are specifically looking for typical local restaurants to try out classic dishes of the region. Still others stay with locals during their vacation or do couchsurfing. Here it is particularly easy to be shown the taste characteristics of a holiday region.

Attend sporting events

The number of people who travel to a country specifically to watch sporting events is constantly increasing, especially during World Cups . Here they want to experience the unique atmosphere in a stadium and cheer on a game together with other sports enthusiasts.

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There are a variety of sports that travelers are passionate about. Some go to a stadium to watch a football game, others travel to the USA, for example, to explore the center of basketball . Some nations are known for their ice hockey teams, others are characterized by high competence in handball or surfing. Here it is possible to watch professionals playing sports and have a good time in a great environment.

Excursions into nature

Excursions into nature are one of the classic leisure activities during a holiday. Some people like to be out and about by the sea to sunbathe, swim or build sandcastles. Others are fans of mountain hiking and feel most comfortable when they have a summit experience. But excursions to the Fire Mountains of Costa Rica are also very popular.

There are different holiday regions, each of which is known for its different nature. For example, the Swiss Alps are a popular destination, but the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea also have their charm. Some travel specifically to countries like Poland, where everything from forests to sea to mountains can be had in one place. For such excursions, it is advisable to plan the trip carefully and think carefully about what travel equipment you need, from binoculars to hiking backpacks to tents.


The leisure activities on holiday are as diverse as the travellers themselves. Some are nature enthusiasts, others love sights, and still others dedicate their free time to photography. It is important to plan the leisure program well so as not to lose precious time on site. In addition, there is the opportunity to prepare for the holidays in the best possible way and to take all the equipment you need for your personal goals with you. The better the leisure program is tailored to personal preferences , the more fun it is and the more positive a trip will be remembered.