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El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, Bild: Frederick Millett / shutterstock

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico – beautiful dream beaches

Today, the seaside resort of Cabo San Lucas is mentioned in the same breath as Acapulco, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta when talking about Mexico’s most important holiday centers . The former fishing village, which was already a port of call for merchant ships in Spanish times due to its natural harbor, has developed into an absolute tourist hotspot in recent decades. Mainly super-rich or at least well-heeled Americans come to Cabo San Lucas at the extreme southern tip of Baja California. The resort is very Americanized and the price level is relatively high. Fantastic beaches, a wide range of water sports and numerous exclusive nightclubs, bars and restaurants attract holidaymakers here.

The beaches of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
View of Cabo San Lucas beach, Image: Joel Hensler / shutterstock

Playa El Médano is the town’s main beach and, unlike many other stretches of coastline in the area, it’s a sheltered and safe place to swim in the sea. If you like to spend your holidays in lively surroundings, you will feel very comfortable here. El Médano starts just behind the marina and is lined with countless hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Active tourists get their money’s worth here, because sports and entertainment are very important. For example, you can go jet skiing or banana boating, try water skiing and parasailing or take part in a beach volleyball match. Holidaymakers seeking peace and quiet will probably not necessarily feel comfortable on this beach despite the beautiful nature, but party lovers love it.

Only about fifteen minutes by car outside the center of Cabo San Lucas is a marine reserve with extremely clear water. The horseshoe-shaped Santa Maria Bay is an excellent alternative to El Médano, as it is quickly accessible and much quieter. Divers and snorkelers are guaranteed to be thrilled by this exciting underwater hotspot.

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One of the most beautiful beaches in Cabo San Lucas is Playa del Amor, or Love Beach. It is located at Land’s End on the Gulf of California side. The sand is wonderfully fine and soft and the water is extremely calm – ideal for swimming. The spectacular rock formations and deep blue sea make for a fantastic backdrop. It is worthwhile to discover the colourful underwater world while snorkelling and spend a wonderful holiday here. It is especially beautiful at sunset when peace gradually returns, as most visitors who come as part of organized tours have left.

A great contrast to the “Love Beach” is the “Beach of the Divorced” (Playa de los Divorciados), which is located on the opposite side of the Pacific. Here, unpredictable currents and strong waves often make swimming a dangerous undertaking, but the place is worth a visit for its wildness.

Sights and excursion destinations

Marina of Cabo San Lucas
Marina of Cabo San Lucas, Image: Victoria Ditkovsky / shutterstock

San José del Cabo is a neighboring municipality of Cabo San Lucas and is located on the Sea of Cortes. The two places could hardly be more different, as the Spanish colonial style still dominates here. A small Mexican town like out of a picture book with colorful mud houses and streets lined with jacaranda trees. In the local galleries and craft shops, everyone will find what they are looking for extraordinary souvenirs and souvenirs. There is no party scene here, but there are small restaurants with authentic, local cuisine. To spend a day away from the omnipresent hustle and bustle of Cabo San Luca, San José is an excellent destination. Even sleepier is the village of Todos Santos on the Pacific, where there is a much-visited attraction with the “Hotel California”, to which the Eagles set a musical monument at the time.

Even before tourism developed in Cabo San Lucas, well-to-do Americans came to this place on the Baja California peninsula for deep-sea fishing. To this day, the sophisticated marina is home to luxury yachts and cruise ships as well as a considerable fleet of sport fishing boats. Every year in October, Cabo San Luca hosts the world’s most highly endowed deep-sea fishing competition over three days. The prize that the winner receives is a whopping 2.3 million US dollars.

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Among the most popular activities are the various types of boat tours. For example, there are relaxed trips on catamarans around the southern tip of Baja California and of course trips to the landmark of Cabo San Luca, the impressive rock arch El Arco on the headland of Land’s End. El Arco is 62 m high and can also be reached on foot at low tide. Sporty holidaymakers like to take a kayak trip to the rugged rock formations, including Pelican Rock, where a large colony of these birds has settled.

Between October and March, many tourists come to the area to observe humpback and gray whales. For all participants, these excursions are always among the holiday experiences that will be remembered for a long time.

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful spot due to the combination of blue sea, the different shades of brown of the desert and the light green cacti, and the climate here is also relatively balanced and very pleasant in contrast to other areas of the region. In summer, temperatures never rise above 33°C, and in winter, the thermometer usually doesn’t drop below 13°C.

Cabo San Lucas is therefore an ideal destination for travelers who appreciate a beach vacation with every comfort and like to turn night into day from time to time.