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Eine Seniorenreise bringt viel Freude, Bild: Ruslan Guzov / shutterstock

Senior trip – explore the world in a relaxed way


Many older people love to travel and discover the dream destinations of this earth with joy and curiosity. Due to the newly gained time freedom after a fulfilled professional life and usually fewer family obligations, traveling is very attractive for many seniors. Often, however, the desire to travel is also associated with insecurities in older people, as they are sometimes inhibited from taking exactly the trips they dream of due to physical limitations and the feeling of spending more effort mastering situations than before. In order to travel to the places you have always wanted to see despite these uncertainties, the senior citizen trip is a perfect alternative, as these trips are designed in such a way that older people can fully concentrate on the essentials and organizational and arduous things are taken off their hands, or the needs of seniors with regard to hotel and transport of the journey are taken into account through careful planning in advance.

Tailor-made travel experiences thanks to well-organized senior trips

Senior Hiking
Relaxation on holiday, Image: kudla / shutterstock

Senior tours are often group tours that are accompanied by experienced tour guides who are familiar with the respective destination country as well as with the wishes of seniors. Depending on the destination and organizer, there are also trips for seniors that are accompanied by trained nursing staff or even doctors and are particularly suitable for seniors in need of care.

When organising trips for senior citizens, the organisers usually set high standards for the equipment and, above all, accessibility of the selected hotels, which must meet the requirements of senior citizens in all respects. In addition to the elaborate selection of senior-friendly hotels, the organizers of senior trips also focus on a comfortable journey to the chosen holiday destination. It is not uncommon for participants in senior trips to be picked up from their own front door to be taken either directly by bus to their holiday destination, or to the train station or airport on longer journeys. Assistance with the transport of the luggage as well as the completion of formalities during the arrival and departure to the chosen place of stay for a relaxed holiday are of course just as much a matter of course as comprehensive support in all travel situations.

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Cities can also be discovered in a completely new way, Image: Syda Productions / shutterstock

But not only the arrival and departure is well organized on a senior trip, but also excursions at the holiday destination are usually planned in such a way that all members of a travel group can participate comfortably. However, since individuality is also an important part of well-prepared senior trips, there is often the possibility to go on a discovery tour alone at the destination. For those who prefer to travel alone and not with a tour group from the outset, but do not want to miss out on the advantages of senior travel, many organizers of senior trips have suitable offers in their program that meet all the requirements of seniors and still leave plenty of room for individuality.

From near to far – The senior citizens’ trip opens up new horizons

The selection of different senior trips is huge and offers relaxed trips to Germany and neighboring countries. For example, the most beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea or the magnificent landscapes of Bavaria can be explored just as easily as the rough but beautiful North Sea coast as part of comfortable senior trips. But also the mountains of Austria and especially the Polish Baltic Sea coast, to which numerous spa trips are offered, can be traveled on appealing trips for seniors. Long-distance trips for seniors are also very appealing, which lead to the most exotic places in Asia or America and impress with the fact that, as is usual with senior travel, everything is geared to the wishes and requirements of older people. Especially on long-distance trips for seniors, accompanying doctors are therefore often present, so that none of the tour participants have to worry if they react to unfamiliar food or a new climate with slight physical complaints. Just like the tour guides of a senior citizen trip, the accompanying doctors of such trips are also familiar with the peculiarities of the holiday destination and the special needs of older travelers. Carefree travel in old age is easy and problem-free thanks to the variety of lovingly compiled senior citizen trips, which is why you can still visit your dream destinations all over the world even in old age.