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Mit dem Wohnmobil unterwegs in den Alpen, Bild: Andrey Armyagov / shutterstock

With the motorhome in the Alps

This year, the pandemic continues to have a firm grip on us. For this reason, no one yet knows exactly how the situation will present itself in the summer. Incidentally, this also applies to summer holidays, which many citizens like to use for a holiday trip. This year, however, the question arises as to the extent to which vacation trips abroad will be possible at all, and unfortunately restrictions around the well-deserved vacation are also to be expected at home. One option, for example, could be to travel with a hotel on wheels. Motorhomes and caravans can be rented in Munich and many other cities via campanda.de. The Alps, for example, are also suitable destinations with such a rented motorhome.

Explore the Alps with a campervan

If you don’t have your own motorhome, you can also rent a vehicle for the desired period. It is important to consider whether you want to rent such a motorhome or a caravan at home. It may also be worth considering taking over the desired rental vehicle for the holiday only near the region. In this way, you can initially travel to the destination region by your own car or by train. If you want to spend your next holiday in the mountains, you can also set off for the Alps in a motorhome. After all, there are many interesting places and impressive nature to discover.

Discover the surroundings of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch Partenkirchen, Summer
Summer panorama of Garmisch Partenkirchen, Image: Joerg Lutz / Markt Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is well known, not least because of the organization of a ski jumping event as part of the annual Four Hills Tournament. But even apart from that, the city and the surrounding area has a lot to offer visitors.

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With the motorhome, however, many holidaymakers want to experience and enjoy nature in the holiday region. The region around Garmisch-Partenkirchen is definitely the right place for this. After all, there are some fascinating mountains on the one hand and beautiful lakes on the other, which invite you to swim and often do a wide variety of water sports, especially in the summer months.

Visit the mountain village of Wamberg

If you are traveling in this region by motorhome, then you should definitely take a little time for a detour to Wamberg. After all, this is the highest mountain village in Germany that is inhabited all year round. However, the road leading to the mountain village is very narrow, so you should look for a parking space a little further away. Afterwards you can walk the way to Wamberg and enjoy the beautiful nature on this hike. You should not miss a visit to the church of St. Anna in Wamberg, because this village church has a very special charm. There is always a lot to discover near the village, so you should take enough time to discover the beautiful nature. When traveling with a motorhome, it is also important that you should not necessarily completely determine all excursions and destinations. After all, it’s also a lot of fun to just let yourself drift a little and get involved in interesting things on the itinerary.