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Beim Winterzelten in Schweden die Nordlichter genießen, Bild: Jens Ottoson / shutterstock

Winter Tours in Sweden

Are you in the process of planning your next vacation? Would you like to spend your free time outdoors in nature, experience action and adventure? Then your next destination should definitely be Sweden !

Crystal clear air, vast landscapes with large lakes and enchanting colours… that describes the first impressions of Sweden. Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries and offers beautiful fjords and national parks, numerous natural beauties and gigantic waterfalls that make your trip there worthwhile! More than half of the land area is forested and illustrates the originality of nature. Sweden surprises with diverse nature, high mountains in the north and deep forests. Particularly fascinating is the midnight sun and the northern lights, which offer an incredibly great light spectacle, which you have certainly never seen anywhere else. Equally impressive are the vastness and solitude, which bring you even closer to nature. You may also occasionally run into other nature lovers – in Sweden, people are so uncomplicated and friendly. It doesn’t always have to be palm beaches, large hotels or Mediterranean flair. Nature usually has so much more to offer, you just have to try it once. Especially in winter, there are particularly great opportunities to explore the country and its magical landscapes. In the cold months, when the snow glistens in the sun, nature appears twice as beautiful and even more lonely. Whether it’s an active holiday or a trekking adventure , there is something for everyone in Sweden.

Hut tour

The hut tours in winter offer an unforgettable experience: with skis or snowshoes you can ski or hike through the fantastic mountain world, over frozen rivers and lakes, while snow-capped peaks and gigantic glaciers surround you to the left and right. You move from mountain hut to mountain hut in several stages. Pure wilderness! Such peace and quiet only exists far away from civilization. Particularly romantic and unique are the Northern Lights, which can be seen above the Arctic Circle on clear nights. You experience undisturbed solitude in ice and snow, bright sunny days while hiking and driving snow at night while warming up in front of the fireplace in the hut. A sauna is also available in some mountain huts.

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Winter camping

If you want it even more adventurous, you have the option of booking a tent tour . In the Arctic landscape, you are self-sufficient on tour with the winter tent. The luggage is transported in pulkas. This is a kind of sled on which luggage is pulled by animals such as reindeer and huskies or even by humans. With a stove and matching dishes, the food is prepared in the white snowy landscape and enjoyed with the bright northern lights. The tents and sleeping bags are designed for winter – so don’t worry, you’ll be well warmed. With the tent you experience independence from the outside world and everything you need is stowed in the pulkas. Who can say that they have spent the night in a tent in the middle of the mountains in the most beautiful places in Sweden?!

Husky tour

Husky Tour Sweden
With huskies on a winter tour through Sweden, Image: Alexandre Mottet / shutterstock

As soon as the first snow falls and the water of the lakes begins to freeze, it’s time to let the huskies go! The winter tours accompanied by huskies offer you an animal experience. Has it always been your dream to be pulled by huskies or to steer the husky sled yourself? The winter tours in Sweden can make your dream come true. Huskies have a basic trust in every person, want to help pull the pulkas at all costs and are extremely cuddly. They are friendly and reliable fellows who will quickly win your heart. With snowshoes you explore the fantastic winter landscape and the cute nature boys support and accompany you. Especially uphill, they are a great help, as they actively support people with their diligence and strength.

Other wild animals such as bears and wolves also live in the mountains. But they are usually far too shy to come close to people and do not pose a threat to mutual respect. Furthermore, moose, ptarmigan, reindeer, arctic foxes and wolverines are native to Sweden. You will get to see these occasionally.

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Places to Explore

Kungsladen, Sweden
River on the King’s Road in Sweden, Image: Viktorishy / shutterstock

Winter tours are particularly recommended in the north of Sweden, for example along the Kungsleden, the King’s Road. It is a world-famous long-distance hiking trail that, unlike other hiking trails, is hardly explored by people, especially in winter. During the hike you will be surrounded by wide valleys, mighty rivers, imposing mountains, lots of forest and beautiful lakes. The Kungsleden can be explored on both the south and north sides.

It is just as beautiful to hike through Vindelfjäll with the huskies. This is a Swedish and at the same time Europe’s largest nature reserve, which is located in the northwest of Swedish Lapland, more precisely in the province of Västerbotten County. Vindelfjäll is 560,000 hectares in size, which is twice the size of the Saarland. It consists of birch and spruce forests, treeless tundra, some glaciers and lakes.

In general, all regions in Sweden are suitable for hiking. The paths are also well signposted and are visited by many people from all over the world. There are also some rest areas along the hiking trails. But if you prefer it in silence, you can plan your breaks away from the official shelters and fireplaces.

The Sarek National Park is a little more adventurous. This is the largest national park in Sweden and is located in Swedish Lapland. High peaks, glacial valleys, mountain massifs and rushing rapids surround you during your winter tour. With a hiking start from Kungsleden, you can experience the world-famous Nammasj and Skierfe mountains. Crossing the delta of the Rapaädno River, you get to see the first rugged peaks of the national park. In the heart of the Sarek National Park, past narrow valleys, over frozen lakes and rivers, across plateaus, past glaciers and through narrow valleys, there is seclusion and solitude, far away from civilization.