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Mit VPN auf Reisen sicher surfen, Bild: Kaspars Grinvalds / shutterstock

Why use a VPN when traveling?

Especially when traveling, it happens again and again that you want to use the Internet in the usual way. It often happens that you are faced with the problem that many things don’t work on the road. This is not only because many service providers on the Internet work in the same way in every country, but also because of the countries they visit. Many countries regulate the Internet for users. In China , for example, many services are blocked by the government and are not available.

A VPN offers the possibility that the internet works well in the same way in every country and that any service can be used without any problems. If you travel for work and are therefore dependent on the Internet, it is essential to pay attention to a possible restriction of Internet use before traveling abroad.

Some reasons that show the benefits of a VPN:

  • Internet restrictions due to political reasons
    ◦ Countries such as the USA, China or Switzerland limit many social media.
  • Free Wi-Fi is all too often not tap-proof
    ◦ you use WhatsApp, for example, for a free call and are listened to.
  • Online banking and other secure sites
    ◦ It often happens that online banking is not accessible from abroad, which can have fatal consequences in the event of theft of a mobile phone or laptop.
  • Non-existent net neutrality
    ◦ Unimaginable, but still possible that not the state, but a hotel or generally an operator of a freely available WLAN censors the Internet and thus restricts it.
  • Restricted media in general
    ◦ You try to watch a TV series or documentary on the Internet from abroad and get the message “only available in xxx”. This depends on how the license for the film or series is determined and therefore cannot be seen with a foreign IP.
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All these restrictions are excluded with VPN use and the Internet can be used as usual.
VPN for Windows
is a possibility, especially if you need the Internet for work and need a secure data line for business purposes.

VPN for Windows can be installed easily and quickly and protects the laptop or PC from cybercrime excellently. Business data thus remains in the secure area and no one can access it. Due to the encryption, which is always carried out with VPN, you are always protected from data theft.

As long as you limit your travels to Europe and don’t use free Wi-Fi, VPN is not absolutely necessary. If, on the other hand, you use every opportunity to use a free Wi-Fi as a hotspot, it is strongly recommended to use a VPN not only abroad. Cost savings, data saving or other reasons take a back seat to cybercrime, because it can cause much greater damage. Cybercrime also exists within Europe. Almost every shopping center now offers free Wi-Fi for use. These networks are not properly secured and are therefore a risk factor, especially when it comes to personal data.

When traveling to certain countries such as China, the US, and even Switzerland, it proves to be an excellent solution to use a VPN. There is not only the risk of data theft, but also the risk of internet restriction.