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Mit einer Ferienwohnung an der Adria das Dolce Vita genießen, Bild: Vadym Lavra die / shutterstock

Why it is so nice to have an apartment in the city of Adria

The Italian Adriatic Sea is worth more than just a visit. It is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, which has a lot to offer in terms of landscape and culture. There is a large selection of different holiday apartments in the region.
A holiday apartment on the Adriatic Sea in Italy
is a great choice for your whole family!

Summer holidays on the Adriatic Sea

Summer is probably the most beautiful time of the year for most people. And in Italy , too, people enjoy spending the hottest time of the year on holiday by the sea. For Italians, “summer vacation” almost invariably means going to the Adriatic: lying on the beach, swimming and relaxing. For many holidaymakers, it is almost a tradition to go to the sea during the summer holidays. Sun, sand and sea are an absolute “must”. Some are drawn to popular destinations such as the Maldives, the Caribbean, or Polynesia. You don’t have to travel that far for an extensive holiday. The varied landscape of the Adriatic Sea and its kilometre-long coastlines offer many great opportunities to enjoy the perfect beach holiday. In this article, you will find some highlights of the Adriatic Sea that you should not miss.

Albarella: A beautiful island for the whole family

The breathtaking beach promenades and locations on Albarella offer fun and relaxation for young and old. Albarella offers a unique combination of lush nature and a wide range of sports that are rarely found elsewhere. On the private island there are beautiful beaches and interesting fauna. The varied water sports offer ranges from sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddling to kitesurfing. And golf fans will also get their money’s worth in Albarella. On the island of Albarella you will also find a wide range of holiday homes of different sizes and facilities that you can rent during the summer.

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Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po

In the Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po you can take some of the most beautiful hikes on the Adriatic. First, follow Via Bindola, an almost deserted road that winds through green fields for about 6 km. While walking along the Manin Canal here, you will have an unobstructed view of the Veneto Dolomites on a clear day. From here you can reach the Amolaretta Youth Hostel . Then, crossing the state road, after a very short walk through the city, you will reach the Artesura route (cycle path marking 13). Now you can walk along the Canal Bianco while enjoying the beautiful view of Piazza Castello in the city center. With a total length of 15 kilometres, this easy route is also ideal for less trained beginners. It is suitable for anyone who wants to walk their dogs in peace. The Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po is without a doubt one of the most beautiful natural parks in Italy.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Adria

The National Archaeological Museum was founded in 1904. In the first years of its existence, the exhibits came from local finds collected for over 150 years by the noble Bocchi family. The private collection was only converted into the National Museum in 1972. The museum’s impressive exhibits include Greek ceramics, refined Roman glass, and valuable funerary objects such as Attic vessels and Etruscan bronzes from the late Archaic and Classical periods. The current location was recently enlarged and renovated, and since then offers an exhibition area of more than 1200 square meters. The permanent exhibition shows the extraordinary ancient history of the lower Polesine and the port city of Adria, which originated in the sixth century BC on a branch of the Po Delta. The historic port city is also the namesake of the nearby Adriatic Sea.