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Mit der passenden Reisetasche in den Urlaub, Bild: Thayut Sutheeravut / shutterstock

What should you look out for when buying a travel bag?

Those who are in the process of planning the most beautiful weeks (or days) of the year are often confronted with an important question comparatively early on: “Which piece of luggage best suits my needs?”. The selection is large and – fortunately – offers something for just about everyone.

But what should you actually look out for when buying a travel bag? Which size suits your own needs? And what role does the individual division inside the bags play? One thing is certain: Before buying, it is important to compare your own needs with the characteristics of the various items. The following sections will help make the research as straightforward as possible.

The general impression of quality

Regardless of whether it is about traveling by plane or car, the influences to which luggage, such as high-quality men’s weekenders or larger suitcases, are exposed, should not be underestimated.

The good news, however, is that there are many manufacturers today who do not compromise on the materials used and their workmanship. The end results are characterized by long durability and high resilience. With regard to the goal of the longest possible use, it may make sense not to choose the cheapest model directly, but the model with the best price-performance ratio.

The right size

Anyone who goes on holiday more often knows that the risk of taking too much with them is often high. However, too much and too heavy luggage can not only be expensive on the plane, but simply unwieldy in the car.

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Therefore, it is advisable to only take as much as necessary with you. Many suitcases and bags prove to be real space miracles in this context and can be stowed in the trunk without any complications.

Among other things, many models often have smaller additional pockets on the inside that only one handle is enough to quickly find all the important utensils again. By the way…

Any additional bags are almost always practical

Whether it’s weekenders or larger suitcases, many manufacturers nowadays choose to offer users of their brand not only one large main compartment, but also several small inner compartments. Among other things, ID documents, books for the journey, chargers for the mobile phone and the like can be stowed here.

Whether or not said inner pockets should then be equipped with a zipper depends primarily on individual requirements.

Additional tip: If you plan to take your tablet or laptop with you, among other things, you should definitely make sure that any additional bags are suitable for transporting these electronic devices. Of course, it is particularly practical if the corresponding areas have been additionally padded to prevent possible damage in the best possible way.

The thing with the dead weight …

Taking a lot of luggage with you also means, among other things, having to carry a lot. If you feel like saving at least a few grams, you should attach importance to the fact that your luggage has a comparatively low dead weight.

In addition, padded straps and carrying handles can increase user comfort even further. Even though the distances that have to be covered during a trip with the respective piece of luggage are usually comparatively manageable, because either the car or the plane takes over most of the work, it is possible to be even more relaxed on the road.

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Whether the course of a trip is comfortable or not depends, among other things, on whether the travelers have succeeded in choosing the right piece of luggage. Of course, many manufacturers are aware of exactly this.

In addition to all the comfort and functionality that larger suitcases, bags and weekenders offer, the visual aspect does not fall by the wayside. This means that whether tourists-to-be are looking for a casual or elegant piece of luggage with which they can travel across Europe , it usually doesn’t take long before they come across a large selection.

And if you know that your travel destinations and the duration of your stays always differ significantly from each other, you can of course also build up a (more or less) small supply over time.