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Welche Reiseziele sind bei Best Agern besonders beliebt, Bild: LarsZ / shutterstock

The most beautiful destinations for the best ager generation

The best ager generation has become one of the most active groups among travelers in recent years. They have clear demands on their travel destinations, are adventurous and also have the necessary money to be able to afford attractive travel destinations all over the world. At the same time, for many of them, the question arises as to what the goals are that should definitely be seen. Away from the classics of German travelers such as Mallorca, Croatia or the Spanish coasts, there are a variety of interesting places in the world to discover. The focus is also on very different forms of travel.

City trips are particularly popular with best agers

View of Budapest
Budapest is currently a popular destination for city trips, Image: ZGPhotography / shutterstock

The trend of city trips has continued to intensify in recent years, and not only among young people. For the best agers, the most beautiful cities in the world are popular travel destinations. This is because many best-agers use the freedom of their living conditions to take short trips several times a year, for example. City trips are a particularly interesting form of travel here, because you can discover a lot in a very short time and take even more impressions with you.

In addition to typical life dreams that best agers at this age fulfil in the travel destinations, the focus is primarily on European cities. A special tip is the Portuguese capital Lisbon, which has developed from an insider tip to one of the most popular places in Europe. A wide range of history, many cultural highlights and, last but not least, the excellent Portuguese cuisine ensure that it is best to take a long weekend for the city.

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The capitals of Germany’s neighboring countries, especially Prague and Budapest, are also at the top of the list of city trips. In addition to the cultural aspects, these destinations are connected to Lisbon above all by the low price. Both the holiday costs themselves and the maintenance costs during the trip are significantly lower than is the case in London, Paris or even New York City, for example.

German cities are also increasingly in demand. Dresden, Hamburg, Munich – many best agers find completely new opportunities to experience an exciting holiday in these cities.

The thirst for adventure and travel far away

View of Havana in Cuba
View of Havana in Cuba, Image: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

City trips have become one of the most popular trips – but that doesn’t mean that the classic holiday far away hasn’t lost some of its magic. This applies to package tours as well as complex round trips through distant countries and to the most beautiful places on this planet. For most best agers, this is again all about a mixture of special cultural highlights, a pleasant climate and, in the best case, a suitable cost structure for the trip. Of course, European classics such as Mallorca or Croatia also offer their charm in the right corners of these regions – especially at this age, however, they are often drawn to parts of the world where you can discover completely new things.

Among long-distance travel, Cuba has become a popular destination in recent years. Since the opening of the island to tourism, more and more travelers are discovering the special charm of the island, which is completely different from that of other Caribbean destinations such as the Dominican Republic. Thailand , on the other hand, has long since ceased to be an insider tip, but is still a dream destination for many best agers. The country thrives above all on its broad diversity. An adventure holiday is just as possible as a relaxing holiday on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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In Europe, it is above all the Scandinavian countries that exert a special fascination. Of course, you have to live with the fact that the costs are comparatively high. Instead, you can find some countries with a very special culture and breathtaking landscapes in every part of the region. Cruises on the Norwegian coast are just as popular as an adventure holiday in the wilderness of Sweden – or a city trip to beautiful cities such as Stockholm or Oslo.

Package tours, cruises, motorhomes – Best Ager travel in a variety of ways

Today, it is no longer just the classic package tours that take travelers to the most beautiful places in the world. Especially in the area of cruises, the image has changed in recent years and many best agers take advantage of the wide range of offers with which you can get to the most remote parts of the world on these floating cities. Here, too, the different tastes decide which trip is most suitable for your own wishes. While some travelers are drawn to the Caribbean on a cruise ship, others prefer to explore the northern seas or make a stop in the Mediterranean in the ports between Venice, Sicily, Athens and Dubrovnik.

The trip with the motorhome along the north and south coasts of France may be less spectacular at first glance, but it offers its own magic. It is above all flexibility and a thirst for adventure that are appreciated on such trips. In this way, especially in the best years of your own life, you can experience very special trips once again and fulfill one or the other wish in this area.