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Gemeinsam die Flitterwochen genießen, Bild: ViDI Studio / shutterstock

Romantic honeymoon on a budget

One thing is part of every wedding planning: the honeymoon. After all, this is a centuries-old tradition that was originally considered a time to get to know each other. It comes from a time when the well-heeled spouses knew each other little or not at all before the marriage. The honeymoon month gave the newlyweds the opportunity to get to know each other extensively. And so that this could happen in peace, the honeymoon always took place outside one’s own village community. After a lavish wedding celebration, many couples no longer necessarily have the big budget to go on a long and luxurious honeymoon. Therefore, here are a few tips for the small purse.

The home holiday

The fact is, the shorter and easier the journey, the cheaper it becomes. And let’s be honest: Germany has a lot of beautiful and romantic corners to offer. For example, you can drive quickly and easily from a fairytale wedding location in Hamburg to the North Sea. Many newlyweds love an extensive beach holiday after the exhausting wedding celebrations. Inland, there are idyllic lakes and imaginative forests and mountains to discover. If you are not averse to a winter wedding, you can also enjoy your honeymoon in a snow-covered alpine hut in the Alps, for example. There are also more than enough activities: hikes, skiing, climbing, swimming, sightseeing, wellness and everything else you would like to experience as a couple.

The neighbourhood visit

Honeymoon in the snow
You can also spend a wonderful honeymoon in the snow, Image: Roman Samborskyi / shutterstock

Those who would like to take a little further for their honeymoon can benefit from Germany’s unique location within Europe. Hardly any other country has so many great neighbors that you can get to know on your own. Whether it’s a short flight, a train connection or even your own car (for the sake of flexibility) – Germany’s neighboring countries have many great offers for the honeymoon season. Of course, it is easy on the wallet if you choose the nearest neighboring country. The people of Baden-Württemberg benefit from bordering directly on France to take a short leap to the city of love. But the Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark also have many great, fantastic destinations to offer for little money. It doesn’t always have to be the capital to explore. Small villages have their own special charm and can contribute to a truly unforgettable honeymoon.

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The Honeymoon

If you want to go a little further away and be a bit more luxurious, the spice is in the brevity. Time is money in general, even on a honeymoon. If you put your wedding and honeymoon in the off-season , you can save incredibly. Funny schnapps number dates and spring and summer months should definitely be avoided. Autumn and winter weddings are endangered by the weather, but can sometimes reduce costs by up to 40 percent. Demand determines the price.

In the same way, longer honeymoons add to the price. The longer you travel, the more expensive it gets. So if you want to honeymoon in the Maldives on a budget, you should manage your time well. However, this does not mean that a single honeymoon alone cannot put an unforgettable spell on the beginning of the marriage.


If you use your budget correctly and make your honeymoon priorities clear from the outset, you can get the best and most romantic out of the first days of marriage even with little money.