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Das Schild verrät es: Vermont ist der Green Mountain Staat, Bild: Katherine Welles / shutterstock

Vermont – The Green Mountain State

The northern state of Vermont shares a border with Canada and is also known as the Green Mountain State. This name alone reveals how impressive the nature in the state is and what you can expect on a trip. As part of New England, Vermont is also one of the historic founding parts of the United States of America and with its unique architectural style, which can still be seen today in many villages and towns of the state, there is as much to see for friends of architecture and history as for enthusiastic explorers of nature.

Peace and relaxation between mountains, forests and rivers

If you move through Vermont, you will probably quickly have the feeling that you have arrived in the seemingly endless expanses of the Canadian landscape rather than being in the USA . Everything is a bit quieter and smaller here. There are no metropolises with skyscrapers and impressive dynamism, but there are a large number of small cities that can usually trace their history back to the founding period of the United States. The state sinks a bit into the silence of nature when you move through the dense deciduous forests. Landscape and nature have always played an important role for people.

Vermont is known in the United States not only for its almost permanent autumn colors in the leaves, but also for its maple syrup. Here the proximity to Canada can be illustrated, which can also be felt in other corners of the state. In general, you feel a strong connection to your brother in the north and the 15 border crossings that can be found in the state invite you to take a little trip to the north. This is certainly also due to the fact that theoretically you are still in the same landscape.

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Top attractions on a trip to Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont
Montpelier is the capital of the U.S. state of Vermont, Image: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Vermont is a paradise for nature lovers. Countless activities can be carried out in the extensive forests. In winter, there’s also the chance to go on an adventure on one of the state’s many ski slopes and try out your own winter sports skills. The state is very diverse in this regard and offers just the right options for active vacations – from aforementioned hikes and ski trips to bike tours through the Indian Summer, the brown spectacle in the forests. The various lakes also usually offer many options for different tastes, from pedal boats to canoeing on the rivers.

The other side of the state is the historical heritage of the USA, which can probably not be experienced in any part of the country as much as it is in New England. A visit to Burlington is therefore definitely a must. The city attracts with old houses from the Wilhelminian period, which are well maintained and still offer a glimpse of how the first people organized themselves here in small towns. Nearby is Hildene in Manchester. The former summer house of Abraham Lincoln has now been converted into a museum about the famous American president and the founding period of the USA.

Lake Champlain is also located directly near Burlington. The huge lake was an important point for the first settlers and in the immediate vicinity there are a variety of museums and institutions that deal with this period. What’s more, you’ll find arguably the best restaurants in the state that tempt you with New England cuisine — typically rustic cuisine that works primarily with seafood and meat.

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Top tips for traveling through Vermont

Skiing in Vermont
Stowe Mountain ski resort in Vermont, Image: FashionStock.com / shutterstock

In general, a visit to Vermont is recommended, especially in autumn. When the colors of the foliage change and most of the state’s cultural festivals are just around the corner, you not only have the opportunity for long trips into the forests, for hikes and bike tours, excursions on the many lakes in the state, but also pleasant temperatures for your own activities. When booking, it should always be kept in mind that only about half a million people live in the state at all. Accordingly, the offers for overnight stays and hotels are a little limited. There are hardly any classic luxury hotels, but small guesthouses dominate here, which are usually set for a stay of one or two nights.

It should be said that the exploration works best if you have your own car at your disposal. Vermont may seem small, but in fact it takes a few hours to travel from state border to state border. If you want to explore the outdoors and mountains on your own, it’s best to opt for an SUV that can handle the local conditions and only add to the adventurous spirit of exploring Vermont. In addition, any papers for a trip to Canada should be applied for early – it is not so easy to get a tourist visa for a spontaneous visit to the northern brother state of the USA.