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Griechenland (Hier Korfu) ist ein beliebtes Reiseziel im Frühjahr, Bild: Cristian Balate/shutterstock

Top travel destinations in spring – helpful tips and information

What are the best destinations in spring, a question that many people are certainly asking themselves these days. As in previous years, the Arab Emirates, Morocco and Dominican Republic are repeatedly cited as the most popular destinations from a tourism point of view. Of course, the persistent warm temperatures, which average 30 degrees Celsius, are also a reason to spend your holidays here, but Italy and Greece are also particularly popular this year. Especially in spring, there is the opportunity to spend wonderful family holidays here at very mild temperatures. But there are also the best opportunities for active holidaymakers in these two countries for extended hikes or bike tours.

If you are looking for warmth, you should know where it is warmest in spring

Mexico Beach
Mexico has great beaches to offer, Image: Jess Kraft / shutterstock

Holidaymakers who are planning a beach holiday in spring should head to the North African region. However, even in the countries already mentioned, no unconditional sun guarantee is to be regarded as normality. But if you want to have the sun guarantee, you should rather travel to Mexico or Cuba. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be such distant destinations that can be visited in spring. Many European metropolises, such as Stockholm or Paris, attract not only the mild temperatures, but also with wonderful sights. These metropolises are the perfect destinations for a city trip in spring. The destinations Madrid or Lisbon are also highly recommended in this decade.

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Hotel Specials Here you will find the best hotel offers

Here those interested will find the best hotel offers for an upcoming holiday in the selected city. Together with the whole family, time can be spent together. On this portal it is possible to compare hotel specials with each other, you can find out exactly about the specific hotel and also read the most diverse reviews. But that’s not all, this platform only offers hotels that have very specific special offers in their program. Included here are always a rich breakfast, various discounts or valuable extra services. This ensures that all customer wishes are met and that visitors to the hotel can spend an unforgettable holiday. This spring, too, many possibilities are offered on this Internet portal, so that you can make an excellent comparison in advance. After this comparison, you can certainly find the right hotel for you.

Hotel Holland – now is the right time to find a perfect deal

Zandvoort Beach
Relaxing on the beach of Zandvoort, Image: Christian Szymala / shutterstock

Why travel far away when the good is so close – many people are certainly familiar with this line of text. And that’s exactly the point, because if you want to spend a wonderful holiday, you don’t necessarily have to travel to faraway destinations. In our neighboring countries, such as Holland, you can also spend a wonderful vacation in spring. You can also find beautiful hotels that invite you to visit to explore this beautiful country. In Holland there is a suitable hotel for every taste, visitors are offered hotels in the beautiful cities that will leave nothing to be desired.

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In Holland, of course, not only the enchantingly beautiful cities are an excellent destination for a holiday, but also the destinations by the sea. Holland has excellent coastlines, all of which are developed for tourism and are ideal for an extensive beach holiday with the whole family. Of course, in a hotel Holland near the beach, an unforgettable holiday feeling arises. Holidaymakers have a breathtaking view of the sea and the long sandy beaches and can relax very quickly and leave the stress of everyday life behind.

But also for holidaymakers who prefer to visit the beautiful cities, they are also in good hands here in spring. In the city centres of the metropolises, there are numerous opportunities here. Nevertheless, there are also holidaymakers who are not so much city lovers. There are numerous hotels in rural areas, such as Veluwe, that leave nothing to be desired. This unique nature reserve should definitely be visited in the first decade of the year, located in the middle of the country, it offers endless possibilities for an active holiday.