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Während einige Urlauber gerne Luxus erleben, sehnen sich andere nach familiärer Gemütlichkeit, Bild: Yulia Grigoryeva / shutterstock

The most popular ways to stay on holiday

There are many different facets in which holidays differ: the destination, the leisure activities, the fellow travellers and also the accommodation. While some like to live small and familiar, others are primarily interested in luxury and wellness. This article presents the most popular ways to stay on holiday and explains what distinguishes them in detail.

Back to the roots

Some travellers are looking for peace, relaxation and direct contact with nature during their holidays. They want to get back to their roots and free themselves from all the stress and hustle and bustle that otherwise characterizes everyday life. In particular, forest walks, mountain hikes and deserted beaches are particularly interesting for them. Here they can be all by themselves, reflect, enjoy the good weather and recharge their batteries for all future tasks.

There are different accommodations for such holidays. Some choose a forest hut to be as far away as possible from civilization and other people. On long hikes, it is a good idea to stay in mountain huts and regenerate for the next stage. Others opt for small fishermen’s huts as accommodation, which are located near the sea. Their main concern is to have a roof over their heads and to be protected from wind and weather. Otherwise, it can be simple and unpretentious.

Enjoy a luxury holiday

Many holidaymakers want to experience things during their holidays that are otherwise not part of their everyday lives. On the one hand, this includes broadening your horizons and, for example, getting to know new cultures or trying your hand at new sports. In addition, many are trying out luxurious living. They want to know what it’s like when your every wish is read from your lips around the clock. That’s why you choose a design hotel in South Tyrol that focuses on luxurious living comfort and first-class service.

Luxury applies to all areas in such an accommodation. The rooms are equipped to a high standard, offer plenty of space and the beds are extremely comfortable. The restaurants offer first-class top cuisine, so that both regional specialties and delicacies from all over the world can be enjoyed. In addition, many luxury hotels have their own wellness area. Here you have the opportunity to take advantage of treatments, treatments and, for example, to have a professional massage. This allows you to enjoy a high level of style and comfort and come back from your holiday freshly relaxed.

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Family hotels stand for cosiness

Many holidaymakers appreciate the personal service in family hotels, Image: Zoran Zeremski / shutterstock

Family hotels are very popular. Anyone who spends their holidays here is looking for personal and individual support. Travellers would like to get to know the hotel operators and feel that they are in good hands with them. Such hotels often have an individual, extraordinary charm and therefore appeal to families with children as well as couples or seniors.

Some family hotels set priorities. Some of them include a riding stable, for example, so you can go on great rides from the hotel with a little practice. Others are close to the sea and offer activities on, in and on the water. In addition, family hotels are often characterized by well-equipped leisure rooms . Here you usually have the opportunity to play table tennis, try your hand at billiards, watch films or sit at a bar and get in touch with the other holidaymakers.

Cheap hostels are still popular

If you want to keep an eye on your budget when travelling, you often decide to stay in a hostel. These are usually kept simple and correspondingly cheap. Depending on the use, there are individual rooms in such hostels like in hotels or large halls where holidaymakers are accommodated. In addition, a delicious breakfast and occasionally dinner are provided, so you don’t have to take care of it yourself.

Hostels often have an open, warm character. Here it is easy for travelers to get in touch with each other and make pleasant holiday friendships. Hostels are often temporary accommodations for travellers who travel from place to place in order to get to know as many different regions as possible during their holidays. Some hostels cater specifically to children and teenagers, others are suitable for families and others can be used by everyone.

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Camping is still popular

For some, camping is the best way to go on holiday. There is direct contact with nature here. You can choose beautiful holiday regions and pitch your tent in the most amazing places in the world. Especially for people who otherwise live in big cities, this type of vacation is appealing. Here they experience a world that has almost nothing to do with their everyday lives and can open up completely new horizons and experiences.

Many choose to spend their holidays at a campsite. Here they have the advantage that they can use the sanitary facilities and shower in the morning and evening. In addition, such campsites are often located near settlements and towns, so you can easily buy all the things you need. It is possible to spend a camping holiday entirely on a campsite. Others travel from place to place and choose the most beautiful campsites in the respective region.


Couchsurfing is also one of the most popular ways to stay during your vacation. This type of housing is often free of charge and flexible. This means that holidaymakers do not have to book rooms long in advance, but can sometimes even start looking for them once they have arrived at the respective destination. However, with this type of living, you often do not have your own room, but are accommodated on the couch of the respective provider.

Couchsurfing is especially suitable for people who are traveling alone. Providers often do not have the capacity to accommodate many people at the same time. In addition, this type of living is suitable for people who like to get in touch with others. Often you build a friendship with the respective provider, spend the evenings together or have sights and highlights recommended to you.


There are numerous ways to stay during a holiday. It is important to choose the accommodation that suits your personal preferences. If you like luxury and comfort, you won’t necessarily feel at home at a campsite. On the other hand, if you are looking for direct contact with nature, you probably won’t find what you’re looking for in a luxury hotel. The better the accommodation suits you, the more comfortable you feel there and the easier it is to relax and enjoy your holiday.