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Tips for a possible car breakdown on holiday

An article by Fairautoverkaufen.de

The holiday is often considered the individual highlight of the year. Many people who are ready for a holiday set off by car in search of space, relaxation or adventure.

Basically, this is a practical option, as you prove to be independent and thus flexible. Unfortunately, you cannot completely rule out the possibility that unpleasant situations could arise.

That is. You should – in the event of any breakdown – arm yourself against it in advance.

9 tips for breakdowns on holiday

Of course, it is an advantage if you can fix the breakdown in the vehicle yourself.

A little tip in advance: Since the younger generation of vehicles is equipped with a wide range of sensors, find out about the various displays and detectors on the dashboard. These are listed in detail in the vehicle manual.

Problems with wheels or tires on vacation

A puncture, commonly referred to as a flat tire, is considered THE classic.

To do this, you should check the spare tire and the tools required for it before you start your trip.

If you are not too experienced in changing wheels, it is advisable to do a dry workout beforehand.

Oil level indicator

Especially on long journeys, it can happen that the fill level is minimized somewhat.

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You should fill it up to the correct level at a gas station or carry some spare oil yourself. In the case of major oil loss, on the other hand, the direct route should lead you to a workshop, otherwise this could result in a broken car.

Cooling water level

If the cockpit display indicates a cooling water deficit, it is important to take measures as well. Fill up the water via the cooling water expansion tank according to the marking.

If the cooling circuit is interrupted during long journeys and hot outside temperatures, this can lead to serious damage.

Air conditioning

Make sure that there is enough coolant before departure (workshop). Thus, you are guaranteed a pleasant climate during the trip.

However, if the air conditioning compressor becomes damaged while driving, a specialist will be required to repair it.

Vehicle Lighting

Whether this concerns a headlight or a rear light, a defect can occur at any time.

Carry a complete lamp box with you to be able to fix the shortcoming – in the best case yourself.

This can avoid inconvenience in the event of a police check abroad.

V-belts or timing belts

If a belt breaks, you can recognize it immediately by the engine noise and the warning lights that light up.

Important here: Bring the vehicle to a standstill and turn off the engine as soon as possible!

Since important circuits were interrupted in the process, this would otherwise inevitably lead to engine damage.

The car breaks down on the journey and is no longer roadworthy

As a precaution, you should have the phone number of the respective breakdown service at hand. The car is therefore transferred to a workshop and an initial diagnosis is made. If engine damage is detected, this is of course bad news.

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Now it is a matter of finding an adequate replacement or an appropriate solution. If the specific case is covered by your travel insurance , this will be done automatically in the background.

Quick way to solve the problem:

If you only have an ad hoc car purchase as an option, it is a priority to complete the registration modalities as soon as possible.

When buying a vehicle – rather spontaneously – a little know-how or an expert eye is certainly an advantage.

On this occasion, you may have the opportunity to sell your broken car.

This means that the dealer will pay you this at the residual value.

If you are in the area, there is also the option of practically handling the car purchase in Paderborn.

The situation is analogous in the case of a gearbox damage, which would only be repairable at great expense.

What measures would have to be taken in advance for this?

Of course, you can find out about insurance on appropriate portals as a preventive measure. It is quite possible that certain insurance companies have special insurance cover for car breakdowns and their consequences.

Nobody wants the word breakdown to be in the foreground in their memories of their last vacation.

Therefore, you should take appropriate precautions or obtain any information before departure.

If problems do occur with your vehicle, you should not find any nasty surprises or unsolvable situations.