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Die Must Haves im Reisekoffer, Bild: Leszek Czerwonka / shutterstock

Packing list for the autumn holiday

The autumn holidays are just around the corner for many people, and a trip is already in preparation. Now it is important to plan everything well so that nothing stands in the way of an untroubled holiday experience.

Well planned is half successful

Before every trip, you should work out a packing list. This way you make sure that you won’t forget anything in the last stress, shortly before the start of the trip. Because you could really regret that. And especially during the autumn holidays, this packing list should be created and processed in great detail and conscientiously.

What do you need to bring with you? An overview

What clothes do I have to take with me?

To answer this question, the destination should be looked at carefully. The choice of clothing is of elementary importance. Different things are needed in the tropics than in the mountains, that’s clear and everyone knows that. But it is also always important to remember that there are weather fluctuations. That’s why there should always be enough “alternative clothing” to cope with all circumstances. Especially in our times, when climate change is omnipresent, capricious weather conditions are now almost the rule and rarely an exception.

The first-aid kit

First-aid kit
What belongs in the first-aid kit, Image: New Africa / shutterstock

In addition to the usual medication that may be needed on a daily basis, the first-aid kit also contains remedies for travel sickness and diarrhoea.

In addition, depending on the destination, a remedy for malaria and sunscreen, a remedy for insect bites or for the treatment of insect bites or a cold medicine should be packed. In the case of more or less exotic destinations, the authorities can provide further valuable information on any regionally occurring diseases against which one should be prepared.

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It may sound a bit mundane, but even in the age of digital media, the good old travel guide is an important companion for every trip. On the one hand, you don’t have access to the Internet everywhere, and on the other hand, the data volume, especially abroad, is sometimes a real cost factor.


Reading beyond the travel guide is also useful. Whether it is a non-fiction book, perhaps dealing with the travel destination, or whether it is something from the field of fiction – a book helps the mind to organize and classify thoughts and impressions.


Nowadays, hardly anyone will travel on vacation without their smartphone. Make sure that you can also use your tariff abroad or that you have loaded up enough credit on prepaid mobile phones. You also need the smartphone if you want to play online games on the go. Also, be sure to pack your charging cable.

Visual media

A holiday always lives from the memories. A camera (regardless of whether it is a photo or video camera) or a mobile phone with a really good integrated camera should not be missing. And in any case, there should also be possibilities for the photos and videos to be stored immediately on a cloud. However, it would be better to drag everything to an external physical source such as a memory stick or memory card to prevent problems with the Internet connection.


The articles for personal hygiene are very important. Nevertheless, they are often forgotten. Before the trip, make sure that everything is available: shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste and, if necessary, dental floss, shampoo. Dental wearers must pack their cleaning utensils accordingly, as must wearers of contact lenses. It would make sense to have spare lenses with you. Better safe than sorry.

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If you travel abroad, you have to expect that the plugs for the power supply that are common in Germany may not fit. Power adapters are available in every electronics store. This means that the devices can be charged in France, England and also in non-European countries, for example. It would be more than annoying if the mobile phone or camera refused to work because of a lack of battery. A power bank is just as useful and just as easy to get. But please don’t forget to pack the right adapter cable!

Always pack according to the situation

Of course, the type of vacation also plays an important role in creating the packing list. If you want to stay in one or more youth hostels or hotels, you don’t have to worry about towels and bed linen – this is usually included in the overnight price.

For overnight stays in holiday apartments, bed linen and towels are usually offered as an option for an extra charge. You can save this money if you bring everything yourself. However, this is very impractical if you arrive by train or bus. Any unnecessary luggage is not conducive.

If you are staying in different accommodations, it is advisable for families to organize their luggage well. In this case, it can make sense not to pack the suitcases individually, but to pack one or two pieces of luggage for each of the individual accommodations. This, in turn, is of course only recommended if you arrive by car.

In summary, writing a packing list makes you feel good. And with this good feeling, the holiday begins almost as soon as you leave