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Die schottischen Highlands, Bild: Kanuman / shutterstock

The most beautiful destinations in Scotland

For many people, Scotland has become an absolute destination of longing. Unbelievable expanses in the Highlands, beautiful castles and traces of the Middle Ages, a fascinating history in general and, last but not least, a very special culture on the British Isles have triggered a small hype about the country at the tip of Great Britain. Whether it’s a journey with your own car through the endless expanses of Scotland or a targeted trip to the most beautiful attractions – a visit to the country has a lot of potential. What are the most beautiful Scottish destinations that you should have seen?

1. The Obvious Destination: Edinburgh

Old Town Edinburgh
The Old Town of Edinburgh, Image: f11photo / shutterstock

The Scottish capital Edinburgh is rightly the most visited destination in Scotland. Hardly any other city testifies so much to the changing history of the country. From traces of the Celts to medieval fortresses to popular little bar districts, you can discover everything you would expect in a Scottish city. The center is, of course, the huge castle on its mountain, which is so closely connected to British history. In addition to the many historical sights, you should also take the opportunity to take a deep look at Scottish culture. A visit to the pub should be obligatory, as should a visit to the snack bar to try out the fried specialties. At night, Edinburgh even develops into a small party stronghold. So there are many things to discover here that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Scotland .

2. The Isle of Skye

Skye, Scotland
The Scottish island of Skye offers fantastic natural landscapes, Image: EyesTravelling / shutterstock

Scotland includes a large number of small and large islands, all of which have their own history. Some of them are said to have been settled by humans thousands of years ago, others are almost untouched and offer a deep insight into Scottish nature. The Isle of Syke offers both. The Isle of Skye not only has a variety of rugged coastlines, beautiful hiking trails and unspoilt nature, but also many historical features that you won’t see anywhere else in Scotland. So if you have the opportunity to visit the island connected by a land bridge, you should not miss this special place in Scotland.

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3. The Scottish Highlands

There is no one place you should have seen in the Scottish Highlands. The Highlands themselves are the attraction. Sometimes you can drive here for hours by car and not find another soul. Shortly afterwards, village follows village and you have the opportunity to enjoy the time in quaint pubs with other Scots and enjoy a bit of life in the northernmost country of the British Isles. Aside from the nature itself being worth a visit, the Highlands are lined with many other must-see places. Castles and towers, old fortresses and ruins, small villages on the many lakes that are located in the Highlands. In addition to being able to explore this part of Scotland by car, there are also many guided tours that visit the most interesting parts of the Highlands by bus. Hikes and a tour by bike are also not a problem. So it’s no wonder that the Highlands are still exemplary for Scotland today – after all, they are part of the culture and self-image of the Scots.

4. Stirling

While Edinburgh stands for the mixture of times and combines the modernity of Scotland with history, Stirling remains almost unchanged to this day. If you take a walk through the old town here, you will walk on streets at every step, which were probably built 1,000 years ago and have since taken part in a considerable part of Scotland’s history. Especially in connection with the Scottish national hero William Wallace, the city plays a very special role. Not only was the conquest of the city’s fortress an important milestone on the way to his personal fame, but the impressive monument in his name, visible from afar in the landscape, is also a testimony to this. If you want to experience the Scottish history of the Middle Ages, you will not only find the right backdrop in Stirling, but also a variety of museums. Precisely because the city can be reached from Edinburgh in about 1 1/2 hours, it is a great day trip during the trip to Scotland and an addition to the possibilities that the capital offers for travelers.

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5. Eilean Donan Castle

Actually, Eilean Donan Castle is only a representative of the many medieval castles that can be found in Scotland. This specimen has served as the backdrop for a variety of Hollywood films over time and offers a glimpse into the seclusion but also the defensiveness that the fortresses of the clans represented in the Middle Ages. The beautiful castle can be visited in its entirety today. At the same time, however, there are a large number of other castles and converted defensive towers that have not only served as the ancestral seat of families for many centuries, but are now available to the public and tourists for visits. There are corresponding offshoots in every part of Scotland and you should always find out which castles you can visit in your own area and where to visit the next fortress from the Middle Ages.