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Der Dresdener Weihnachtsmarkt gilt als einer der schönsten Deutschlands, Bild: Feel good studio / shutterstock

The most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany – worth a visit!

Soon it will be that time again: Millions of people are drawn to the Christmas markets and so the question arises: Which Christmas market is worth a visit? Some of the most beautiful and unique Christmas markets in Germany can be found below:

1. Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg Christmas Market
The Nuremberg Christmas Market. In the background you can see the Frauenkirche, Image: Mapics / shutterstock

The Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany: the traditional market always opens on December 1st. On Christmas Eve, the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt closes again. The stalls here are typically decorated with red and white roofs. The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt offers many culinary specialties such as the Nuremberg grilled sausage. In addition, the Christmas market offers a wonderful atmosphere due to its location in the historic old town of Nuremberg.

2nd Dresden Striezelmarkt

Dresden’s Striezelmarkt is worth a visit due to its long history alone: The Christmas market, which traditionally takes place on the Altmarkt, was first opened in 1434. Since then, the Dresden Striezelmarkt has taken place every year and attracts thousands of visitors with its historic stalls. The center of Dresden’s Striezelmarkt is a huge pyramid, which consists of wooden steps and is decorated for Christmas.

3rd Augsburg Christmas Market

With its opening in the 15th century, the Augsburg Christmas Market is also one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. Visitors can enjoy numerous regional specialties here. In addition, visitors can look forward to a traditional Christmas atmosphere. This is underlined by the angel play, which has been held annually since the 70s: Here, angels appear in the constellation of an Advent calendar on the façade of the old town hall.

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4. Lindau Harbour Christmas

If you want to visit southern Germany at Christmas time, you should experience the Lindau Harbour Christmas: The historic Christmas market takes place in the harbour of Linda on Lake Constance and is therefore characterised by a wonderful atmosphere. The Christmas market takes place here directly on the waterfront promenade and is designed like a fairytale. The attractions include the St. Nicholas swim and the tower blowing.

5. Tegernsee Advent Magic

The Tegernsee Advent Magic is often described as one of the most fairytale Christmas markets in Germany, because the beautiful Christmas market takes place in front of a picturesque mountain backdrop and is located directly on the shores of Lake Tegernsee. In addition to the numerous stalls, sights such as ice sculptures are also offered here.

6. Erfurt Christmas Market

The Erfurt Christmas Market is one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany and starts every year at the end of November. The Christmas market has been taking place for more than 170 years. The Erfurt Christmas market is characterized, among other things, by a huge pyramid, which is located in the middle of the market. Attractions such as Ferris wheels and carousels are also available.

7th Kassel Fairytale Christmas Market

Kassel Fairytale Christmas Market
Kassel Fairytale Christmas Market, Image: D.serra1 / shutterstock

At the Kassel Fairy Tale Christmas Market, the name says it all, because here the beautiful stalls actually look like something out of a fairy tale. Visitors are offered numerous attractions here, such as sledding or the flying reindeer sleigh. The Kassel Fairytale Christmas Market will open at the end of November. On December 30, the market will be closed again.

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8. Leipzig Christmas Market

Since the Leipzig Christmas market always takes place in the historic old town, it also has a beautiful backdrop that surpasses any fairy tale. More than 300 stalls are typically located at the large Christmas market. In addition, highlights such as the fairytale forest and the gnome workshop are offered.

9. Stuttgart Christmas Market

Almost 300 stalls can also be found at the large and historic Stuttgart Christmas market: The Christmas market in the centre of Stuttgart has a medieval design and offers attractions such as a more than 20 m high Christmas tree and Christmas figures on the roofs of the stalls. It is one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe.

10. Engelkemarkt Emden

Every year, the Engelkemarkt Emden extends until New Year’s Eve. The Christmas market takes place here in the historic port city of Emdens: Among other things, visitors have the opportunity to drink a hot mulled wine on one of the old museum ships. East Frisian specialities can also be found at the Engelkemarkt Emden.

11. Lucia Christmas Market Berlin

If you are in Berlin during the Advent season, you should pay a visit to the Lucia Christmas Market. Without question, this is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the capital: The Lucia Christmas Market was designed in a Nordic design and so there is a sauna in addition to numerous stalls. Instead of mulled wine, Swedish glögg is drunk.

12th Aachen Christmas Market

The famous Aachen Christmas Market takes place every year against the backdrop of Aachen Cathedral: With more than 1.5 million visitors, it is one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany. All the streets and alleys around the cathedral are transformed into a historic Christmas village. The Aachen Christmas Market is officially one of the 10 best Christmas markets in Europe.