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The luxury of freedom: holidays in holiday homes and apartments

Barefoot and disheveled at the breakfast table, drinking coffee in pajamas while the first one takes a shower – every day begins like a Sunday, you spend your holiday in a holiday home or apartment. The self-catering holiday gives you all the freedom you could wish for. Casual privacy, plenty of space to live, live and relax, as well as time and financial flexibility are privileges that are always included in the booking price for holiday apartments and holiday homes.

Holiday homes and holiday apartments: holidays with character

As colourful as the world, as diverse are the holiday apartments and holiday homes around the globe. And individuality is not immediately expressed in the price. From family holiday home settlements with beach access to lonely fireplace houses in the mountains, there is accommodation for every taste in all price ranges. The self-catering variant is also enjoying growing popularity for city trips. You live particularly curiously if you rent a tree house or houseboat for your holiday.

And it’s not just the location that counts: authentic local colour is part of the basic atmospheric equipment of holiday homes and holiday apartments. In North America , people snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate in Canadian woollen blankets, while in the West Indies , people fry their fish in the open-air kitchen of the stilt house.

Holiday apartment and holiday home: local recreation included

Almost as a matter of course, holiday homes and apartments offer beautiful opportunities to spend time outdoors. Roof terrace or veranda, garden plot or community pool on the holiday resort – no one needs to sit in the room.

In addition, the larger space with bedrooms, kitchen and living area also gives you all the possibilities to retreat or socialize indoors. So you have ideal conditions for a harmonious group or family holiday!

Whether it’s an uncomplicated log cabin, luxury villa with a bathing area and marble floors or something in between: you are sure to find the right accommodation for everyone thanks to the wide range of offers.

Eat what your heart desires in the holiday home

There are no fixed meal times, so neither late risers nor early risers have to start the day hungry. You put what you like in the fridge and everyone can fully pursue their culinary preferences.

The fact that you always have the choice of when and where you eat also keeps your schedule and budget smooth. Before breakfast, no one has to wait in their room until everyone has freshened up, if you prepare your daily provisions in the holiday kitchen, you don’t have to look for the right snack on the way. Whether you dress up again in the evening for a fine dinner or prefer to slip into comfortable clothes and prepare a simple pasta dish “at home” can be decided anew every day.

Exciting discoveries at the holiday destination

When shopping for groceries, you get to know the holiday destination from a completely different side, and what is everyday life at home becomes an experience. You rummage through foreign sweets and nibbles and discover curious canned food. In the Croatian supermarket, for example, there are meters of nuts and dried fruit to fill yourself, in the Azores you can shovel mussels into your bag and in Norway you stand in front of the refrigerated shelf and are amused by the riddle that the fish pudding poses to you. Of course, as a self-caterer, you always have the best access to the regional specialties and can try your way through as you please. In addition, foreign foods such as myrtle honey, chestnut beer, cod in tomato dressing or chestnut jam are wonderful as individual souvenirs for those who stayed at home.

Practical: everything fits in the holiday home!

Whether it’s a surfboard or children’s toys, there is room for everything you need in a holiday home or holiday apartment. Even if you take your dog with you on holiday, you are in good hands here. Two-person apartments are available as well as two-storey residential buildings for large groups. Or you can rent two neighboring houses with a family friend and thus combine conviviality with privacy.

In the common rooms you can spread out casually – a big plus, especially for children – and because room service doesn’t snow in every day, you just leave your things lying around unabashedly when you feel like it.

Having space in the fridge even on holiday is also a nice thing. A washing machine in the holiday home also reduces the luggage; Shower and tea towels as well as bed linen can usually be rented on site for a small surcharge.