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Damit der Campingurlaub perfekt wird sollte man schon vorab an einige Utensilien denken, Bild: Andrey Armyagov / shutterstock

Camping: Why caravans, motorhomes and tents are so popular

Pack your bags and just set off: the simplicity of camping is just one of the advantages of travelling with a tent or caravan. At the campsite or in the great outdoors, peace, relaxation and a lot of adventure await.

Whether with a tent or a campervan: the types of camping

Not all camping is the same. If you like it very rudimentary, pack a bag and a small tent and just drive off. Campsites are everywhere and the tent is quickly pitched and dismantled. The caravan is a little more luxurious, which brings a little everyday life to the campsite thanks to its bed and sanitary facilities. Similar to the tent, the motorhome is quickly saddled and parked on another pitch. No matter which variant: camping has many advantages – from tranquility to simplicity.

Camping: The advantages

A bit of independence: camping holiday in a tent, Image: varuna / shutterstock

Camping means distance from the stress of everyday life. Once the caravan is set up or the tent has been set up – which rarely takes longer than ten minutes – peace and relaxation in nature are the order of the day. Smartphones and laptops can finally be switched off, but if you need to stay up to date while on holiday, you will usually find wifi or even an internet café at the campsites.
Holidaymakers travelling by tent or motorhome determine their travel pace all by themselves. Whether the entire holiday is spent in one place or a new destination is on the agenda every day: everything is possible.

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Be one with nature

Campers don’t have to worry about anything except the next meal. Depending on the destination, dinner consists of the offers of the local market or of your own catch. By the sea, campers have the opportunity to fish or collect fresh mussels. For breakfast, depending on the region, there are ripe figs or grapes that can be picked. City dwellers learn to enjoy the benefits of nature and nature lovers enjoy direct contact with the forest and sea.
Most campsites are also child- and pet-friendly, which means that camping holidays with dogs or camping holidays with children are no problem. On the contrary: children and four-legged friends feel much more comfortable in nature than in a hotel room.

More family time camping

Camping Caravan
With the caravan you take a little comfort with you to the campsite, Image: welcomia/shutterstock

There are no domestic distractions when camping. Families spend time together playing board games or going on joint excursions to sights and tourist spots. Tip: With an
inflatable family tent, the set-up is even faster
– then the holiday can start right away and the children can have fun helping with the set-up.

For couples, a camping holiday is an opportunity to enjoy togetherness in nature. When cooking and barbecuing outdoors, everyone can help to prepare a delicious meal from fresh ingredients. At many campsites, barbecues are held together until late at night.

Learn and discover

Life in a tent or camper van cannot be compared to the routine at home. Giving up luxury is a liberating experience that makes you appreciate the benefits of daily life more. Children discover a lot of new things at the campsite and also learn a lot. Whether it’s how to drive an inflatable boat or how to prepare certain dishes: new experiences await you around every corner when camping.

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Affordable holidays

Since a camping holiday is usually very inexpensive, the resources can be invested in exciting excursions. Short trips are no problem thanks to the proximity of the campsites to the tourist sites. The nice thing about camping: if everything has been experienced in one place, the tents can be broken up and pitched again somewhere else. Travelers are not tied to any place and enjoy the vacation days where they like it best.

Getting up when the sun rises, going to sleep under the stars: camping is ideal for nature lovers who like to drift. The natural rhythm shows where to go and the next experience often comes naturally. That’s why a holiday with a tent or caravan is a must-have experience.