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Levanzo, Bild: Maurizio De Mattei / shutterstock

The Egadi Islands

The Egadi Islands are an Italian archipelago located off the west coast of Sicily. The sea in which they are located is called the Tyrrhenian Sea and is part of the Mediterranean Sea. The largest of the three Egadi islands is the island of Favignana. In addition, there are the two islands of Levanzo and Marettimo and some other smaller islands such as Maraone and Formica. In total, all Egadi Islands have an area of about 37.45 square kilometers and about 4500 inhabitants. As a travel destination, the Egadi Islands are particularly popular with Italians. But they are also considered an insider tip internationally. In addition to Italian, most residents can also communicate in English.


The Egadi Islands are best reached via the city of Trapani. This city is located on the island of Sicily and there is a flight connection from Naples to Palermo . From Trapani you can then travel by ferry to the Egadi Islands.


Cala Rossa, cove in Favignana
View of Cala Rossa bay in Favignana, Image: Fabio Lotti / shutterstock

The climate on the Egadi Islands is very mild. The mild night is considered particularly pleasant for most tourists, because the night temperatures are hardly below the daytime temperatures. The warmest months are the months of July and August, when temperatures range between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. There is also hardly any rain during these months. The months of May, June, September and October are a little cooler with temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. The other months also rarely show temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius, but here there are often more than five days of rain per month. Therefore, the period between May and October is particularly recommended for a beach holiday.

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Even before the separation from the mainland, the Egadi Islands were inhabited. This is proven by finds in the Grotta del Genovese. Here, rock carvings up to 12,000 years old can be admired.

In ancient times, the Egadi Islands were the scene of a battle in the First Punic War between Carthage and Rome. Remains of the ships are still more often recovered on the coast today. These artifacts can be seen in the former tuna factories on Favignana and Formica. These former factories are now a museum and, in addition to a reconstruction of the battle, offer many exhibitions on the history of tuna fishing, which has been practiced for a long time on the Egadi Islands. Tuna is said to have been preserved with olive oil for the first time here.


The island of Favignana offers many special buildings. Thus, in the middle and end of the 19th century, the entrepreneurs Vincenzo and Ignazio Florio, who owned the tuna factories, lived in a villa that is still frequently visited by tourists today for its external and internal charm. The church of “Matrice” and the castle of “Santa Caterina” are also important buildings on the island of Favignana. In addition, there is the Roman fortress “Casa Romana” and the Norman “Castello di Punta Troia” on the island of Marettimo.

Nature – Mainland

Marettimo, Image: Maurizio De Mattei / shutterstock

The Egadi Islands are wonderful for a hiking holiday. The cliffs of the island of Marettimo are very easy to hike. You can also climb Monte Falcone on this island. But there are also numerous mountain landscapes on the other islands that can provide beautiful views. The special thing about the Egadi Islands is the largely untouched nature. But even if you don’t like it so hilly, you can hike along the fine sandy beaches and enjoy the wide view of the sea.

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Nature – Sea

The marine reserve around the Egadi Islands covers 53,000 hectares, making it the largest marine reserve in the Mediterranean. But not all of the sea is a protected area here, so there are also many freely accessible places. These are perfect for a boat tour. There are also numerous bathing bays here where you can also swim with children. Furthermore, nature can be observed particularly well while diving, as dives are offered on many beaches.


As already mentioned, tuna fishing plays a major role in the Egadi Islands. Therefore, many restaurants offer tuna dishes, but also other fish dishes. In general, the Mediterranean diet is practiced on the Egadi Islands. It is considered particularly healthy and, in addition to the high consumption of fish, has large amounts of olive oil, fruit and vegetables. The Egadi Islands are also very well known for their wine. There are many wineries to visit here and then taste a fine wine.

The Egadi Islands are an insider tip for holiday trips. From May to October, it is an excellent place to swim and dive. But also in the other months you can go on beautiful hikes and marvel at fascinating landscapes. In addition, the island has an important history and therefore many old buildings and museums can be visited.