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Konstantin und Elena, das älteste Seebad an der Schwarzmeerküste, Bild: Emily Goodwin / shutterstock

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast – bathing fun for young and old

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is the tourist center of the country. Every year, millions of visitors from all parts of Europe flock here to experience the sun, the beaches and the Bulgarian hospitality. The Black Sea is great for swimming and is considered one of the cleanest seas in the world. In addition, the salt content of the water is comparatively low. This, in combination with the Mediterranean climate and a variety of fine sandy beaches, developed holiday centres and dreamy bays, makes the Bulgarian Black Sea coast a popular destination for young and old.

From Germany , the most common way to travel is by plane to one of the two airports on the Black Sea coast, Burgas or Varna. There are direct flights from most German commercial airports and the flight time is usually about two to two and a half hours. The official language is Bulgarian, but English and often even German are spoken very well almost everywhere.

The highlights of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Golden Sands – the party capital of the Black Sea

Goldtrand, Black Sea Coast
Golden Sands on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Image: Alina G / shutterstock

The party stronghold of Golden Sands is one of the most famous holiday resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is often described as the “Ballermann of the East”. Golden Sands has an area of over 1800 hectares, making it the largest seaside resort on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The beach itself has a length of over 3 kilometers and reaches a width of over 100 meters in places. However, Golden Sands has gained its reputation not only because of its beautiful beach, but above all because of the rich offer of bars, clubs and discos that visitors will find here. The nightlife is intense and extends almost every night until the early hours of the morning. Every conceivable type of water sport as well as countless leisure activities are also offered here. Nevertheless, Golden Sands still has some quiet and partly undiscovered corners and bays. The water temperature here reaches up to 26 degrees in summer and rarely falls below 20 degrees all year round.

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Konstantin and Elena (Sveti Konstantin) – healing rest by the sea

Only about 10 kilometers northeast of Varna is Konstantin and Elena, the oldest seaside resort in Bulgaria. The first facilities for visitors were built here at the beginning of the 20th century. It is no coincidence that this place in particular became a magnet for visitors so early on, because Konstantin and Elena welcomes its guests with a magical combination of sunny sandy beaches, deep blue sea waves, healing mineral springs and restorative mountain air. Not far from the hotel complexes, you can also visit the monastery that gave this place its name. In Konstantin and Elena there are numerous hotels, bars and restaurants as well as a variety of leisure activities such as boat trips and jeep safaris.

Nessebar – the favourite resort of Bulgarians

View of Nessebar, Black Sea coast
View of Nessebar, Image: Michael Dechev / shutterstock

The listed town of Nessebar is considered a favorite of locals on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and foreign visitors are also falling more and more in love with this picturesque town. Nessebar is located off the coast and is only connected to the mainland by a narrow headland. The city welcomes its visitors with a variety of narrow and winding streets where there are countless shops, cafés, bars and restaurants to discover. The alleys are paved with old cobblestones and the old fishermen’s cottages made of limestone and wood give the place its very special charm. The beach of Nessebar has the finest sand and is therefore particularly popular with beach vacationers, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Albena – an attractive seaside resort for families

Albena, Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
Extensive beach in Albena, Image: Michael Dechev / shutterstock

The seaside resort of Albena is one of the younger seaside resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It was not until the 1960s that the first hotels moved into the area, but since then the place has become a favourite, especially for visitors looking for peace and relaxation as well as for families with children. Today, Albena is one of the largest holiday resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The beach of Albena is about five kilometers long and slopes very gently into the sea in most places, so that children can also bathe, play and swim safely and comfortably here. Albena is located on the Baltova River, the banks of which are adorned with rich forests and provide a great place for shady walks. Of course, the tourist infrastructure is not neglected in Albena either, and there are countless shops, bars and restaurants serving both local and intentional cuisine.

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Sunny Beach – the famous seaside resort

Another internationally known seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is Sunny Beach. Here, the name says it all and the place welcomes its visitors with a spacious bay surrounded by a fine and well-kept sandy beach. The beach has a length of almost 7 kilometers and offers a wonderful view of the listed city of Nessebar from many places. To the south of Sunny Beach are the famous sand dunes, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sunny Beach is one of the oldest Bulgarian seaside resorts, but in recent years it has undergone a great wave of modernizations and improvements, making it an attractive and friendly place to relax, swim and explore.

Sozopol – from fishing village to visitor magnet

Sozopol, Black Sea Coast Bulgaria
Sozopol, Image: Marynka Mandarinka / shutterstock

Similar to the listed city of Nessebar, the town of Sozopol is located off the coast on a rocky peninsula. The idyllic location together with the photogenic fishermen’s cottages have made Sozopol an increasingly popular excursion destination, attracting mainly artists, photographers and visitors in search of culture and authenticity. Despite the increasing number of visitors, Sozopol has managed to retain its original flair and thus gives its guests the chance to take a piece of the Bulgarian attitude to life with them. In Sozopol there are also two beaches that slope very gently into the sea and are ideal for swimming.

Varna – a big city on the coast

Varna is the center of the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast and home to almost 500,000 people. At the same time, Varna is considered the most expensive city in Bulgaria. Originally a port and fishing city, Varna has now become a vibrant centre of art, culture and education. Visitors are particularly interested in the beautiful sea garden, the magnificent old town and the dolphinarium. The beach is also considered an insider tip – it is mainly the locals who come here, while tourists usually visit the beaches of the seaside resorts a little further away.