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Blåvandshuk Fyr, deer westlichste Leuchtturm Dänemarks, Bild: PIXEL to the PEOPLE / shutterstock

Beautiful North Sea – Blåvand and surroundings

Blavand is one of the most beautiful destinations of our northern neighbour, Denmark. The small town is located directly on the North Sea and offers wonderful opportunities for strolling, walking and swimming. On the long dune beaches you will find few people and you can enjoy the peace and seclusion of Danish culture and “hygge”. Hygge is a Danish way of life, a coziness of the locals and deceleration that you can only find in the northern country of us. This is ensured by the few inhabitants in large areas. Denmark is mostly rural and has only a few major cities. There are no traffic jams and little hustle and bustle.

Blåvand and its lighthouse

Beautiful nature in Blåvand, Image: UE-Photography / shutterstock

In addition to the small promenade that runs right through the village, you will find Blåvandshuk Fyr far at the front of the beach, Denmark’s westernmost lighthouse. During the day you can climb it and have a wide view over the North Sea and the inland. In addition, there is a small restaurant and a souvenir shop. In the evening, tourists and locals gather here and watch the breathtaking sunset. Blavand forms the westernmost tip of Jutland, right next to the lighthouse. When the land sinks into an orange glow, then evening has dawned and a quiet and starry night follows. The nights are clearer here than in Germany. There are not as many lights in the villages as there are in our cities, and so the splendor of the sky is much more pleasant. The lighthouse rises 39 meters into the air.

Blavand and recreation

The main road to the Fyr is covered with small shops, restaurants and souvenir shops. Numerous Danish souvenirs can be purchased here. If you are looking for relaxation and the hygge described above, you should look for a place on the beach. Beyond the Fyr there is a more than 40-kilometre-long beach that stretches up to Ringköbing Fjord. Denmark has more than 7400 kilometers of coastline, the North Sea Cycle Route leads straight from Römö in the south via Blavand up to Skagen, over more than 500 kilometers. On the beaches around Blåvand there is always a gentle breeze, the North Sea wind. In the dunes, however, you are protected and can see the cold and salty North Sea water as a refreshment. Many hang-gliders are on the beach.

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Excursions around Blåvand

Beaches Blavand
Extensive beaches invite you to swim, Image: Ronald Schroedter / shutterstock

If you spend your holiday in the North Sea resort of Blåvand, you have plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding area by car. No more than an hour away is the island of Fanø, which can only be reached by ferry. For a day trip, it is worthwhile to drive over there as a pedestrian and rent a bike in the capital. Since the coastal areas are all very flat, you can get over the island quickly. The main road, which runs along the interior of the island, is connected to the side by a beautiful cycle path. From Nordby, the capital with its small dreamy alleys, a typical Danish supermarket and a church, we now descend south through a nature reserve to Sönderho, past a typical windmill that can be visited.

In addition to Fanø, there are also destinations nearby, such as the old town of Ribe, with its queen Dagmar, and the industrial city of Esbjerg, which does not have many sights, except for the three men looking out over the North Sea, a huge monument on the beach where you can experience a unique sunset. But in the city center there are numerous opportunities for shopping and shopping. You can stroll along the promenade and see numerous Danish shops. Ribe, on the other hand, is a cultural city with its cathedral and medieval market square. Just outside is the ruins of Queen Dagmar’s castle.

Excursion destinations to Hvide Sande and Ringköbing Fjord

If you want to experience German Denmark, you should drive north from Blavand and visit Ringköbing. This fjord is an inland body of water and only a thin land bridge, on which places such as Hvide Sande, Henne Strande and Nörre Nebel lie, forms the border to the North Sea. It is mainly the Germans who rule here. In the fish shops at the harbour of Hvide Sande or a small coffee roastery, where you can even get the legendary liquorice coffee. In the small towns there is usually a shopping street with the typical Danish shops, but also many different bathing opportunities, endless beaches and small harbours. A trip to Söndervig, to the annual sand exhibition in the promenade, is definitely worthwhile. Here you will not only find beautiful sculptures, but also a maritime experience for the whole family.

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Holidays with the family in Blåvand

The village of Blavand has numerous holiday homes that are rented out again and again every year. Outside the village there is a horse ranch. In addition to a stay there, you can also ride through the large forests of the region and get riding lessons. The horse farm is lovingly located on the edge of the city and the forest. If you follow the peninsula, you will eventually come to a dead end and a beautiful beach. Here, too, the rough wind of the North Sea blows. On the beach of Blavand there are still numerous bunkers from the Second World War, a highlight for young climbing artists of the families. The Woodrows are a kind of landmark of the city. These horses, made of metal, are connected to the bunkers and are considered the most beautiful sculptures in the region. So it is recommended to spend your holiday here in Blåvand. If you want to get a taste of culture, you can also go to the Bunker Museum, which is always open during the day and during the week and shows an exhibition.