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Singlereisen ist die optimale Reisemöglichkeit wenn sich im Freundeskreis kein Reisepartner findet, Bild: Boyloso / shutterstock

Singles travel: Holidays with new friends

Would you like to travel again, but no one from your circle of friends has the time or desire to come along? Not everyone can get used to exploring foreign destinations all by themselves. On classic group tours, couples and families are often to be found. Solo travelers quickly feel like the fifth wheel on the car. If you feel the same way, then a singles trip is just the thing!

A singles trip is not a dating agency

Singles tours can be booked by anyone who lacks a travel partner. No one will check if you are actually single. It doesn’t matter, after all, it’s not about pairing you up. Rather, the focus is on shared experiences, exchange of ideas and fun. The variety of singles tours offered makes it possible to find guaranteed like-minded people. Most tour operators also make sure that all participants belong to the same age group.

Get to know the most beautiful destinations on singles trips

Singles tours are becoming more and more popular and tour operators are reacting: Both the types of singles tours and the destinations are so diverse that really everyone can find the right one. In the following, we will show you with some examples how diverse singles trips can be.

Singles tours for women

If women don’t have a partner, they just travel alone. There are typical destinations where women can feel safe and have a great holiday. Here it is easy to make new friends and enjoy your stay undisturbed. Among the most popular, and above all safe, destinations for women traveling alone are, for example, Malta, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia or the Caribbean. However, if you appreciate the company of like-minded people without being flirted with, then a singles trip for women is a great choice. Guided tours also take you to countries and regions that female travelers should not necessarily visit alone. This offer is used by both married and single ladies. Whether it’s a city trip or an adventure tour, the offers are varied and tailored to the needs of the participants.

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Singles tours for single parents

More and more single parents want to go on holiday with other parents in the same situation. Organisers of singles tours therefore include offers for precisely this target group in their programme. While dad or mom spends time with other adults, the little ones romp, play and do handicrafts with professional children’s entertainers. Young people do sports, meet in the disco and chill together with new friends. Of course, there are also numerous opportunities for activities that parents can experience with their children.

Singles tours for seniors

Older people in particular often feel lonely. Even if they are well integrated into the family and neighbourhood in everyday life, one day is usually the same as the other. How good that the world is open and that new impressions and experiences can be gained while traveling. Seniors have time to travel, but often no travel partner. Especially those who are widowed find it difficult to be alone. For seniors, a large selection of singles tours is offered. This ranges from a short vacation, golf vacation, cruises, to long-distance trips and hiking tours. Some round trips or cruises are accompanied by a doctor. If you are interested in yourself or your mother or father for a singles trip for seniors, it is best to find out from several tour operators to find the ideal offer.

Singles tours for sporty people

Singles, Women
Extraordinary experiences on singles trips, Image: Sorn340 Images / shutterstock

Have you ever dreamed of getting to know Africa in the saddle of a bike, sailing through the Mediterranean Sea or experiencing a golf holiday in Andalusia ? Maybe you like it completely relaxed and would like to go on a yoga holiday in Greece or India. Or explore South America on a trekking tour. All this is much more fun with the right travel companion! Organizers of singles tours have a wide variety of sports tours on offer. It is important that all participants in the group are at about the same level, so that no one has to feel over- or underchallenged. Of course, in addition to cozy get-togethers, cultural and culinary delights of the travel region are not neglected.

Round trips for singles

Round trips are particularly popular with singles. They offer the opportunity to get to know near and far destinations comfortably, to see and experience a lot. The tour operator takes care of everything. So all you have to do is take a seat and enjoy. Before booking, find out whether hikes, bike tours or boat trips are part of the program and whether you can possibly skip individual program items. Usually, there is also plenty of free time. You can use these with new friends for exploration, a wellness program or a shopping tour on your own.

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Can I find a partner on singles trips?

As already mentioned, the actual goal of a singles trip is not to bring men and women together. Rather, it is about going on an organized group trip together with like-minded people. In a comradely, relaxed atmosphere, everyone quickly makes friends and often friendships develop that last beyond the trip. Of course, it happens that travel participants feel more for each other than just friendship. It is then up to you to exchange contact details in good time and arrange a date after the holiday. The tour operator may not disclose addresses or telephone numbers without the consent of the person concerned and will not make itself available as an intermediary.

In addition to many tour operators, some dating agencies and dating platforms also organize singles trips. These have the goal of introducing the members of the singles site to each other and make sure that the group is mixed accordingly. Here, emphasis is placed not only on the age group, but also on a similar proportion of men and women. The program is also designed in such a way that there is enough time and opportunities to get to know each other and fall in love. Of course, they do not have a guarantee of finding a partner on any single holiday.

Why do singles trips often cost more than conventional trips?

Tour operators make sure to negotiate the best possible conditions for their guests. If you are travelling in the high season, however, a single room supplement will usually be charged. Although it is often offered to share a room with another person, who likes to share their overnight lodging with a stranger? In addition, there are organized excursions, sports, tour guiding and on many trips half or full board. Like all trips, singles tours are cheaper in the low season. Some hotels then provide double rooms at no extra charge.

It is worthwhile to compare several offers and look in travel forums for experiences of other singles. Many tour operators can welcome regular guests on their singles tours. Of course, this is the most beautiful reference.