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Die Tiberiusbrücke von Rimini, Bild: ALEX_UGALEK / shutterstock

Rimini – Longing for Italy

Rimini – the oldest and quite attractive seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea awakened the longing for the Italian “Dolce Vita” a long time ago. With the kilometre-long sandy beach, guests experience a relaxing holiday by the sea.

Rimini has been transformed into a modern holiday destination over the past few years. The sins of 20th-century pollution have been eliminated. This new prudent way of thinking runs through the entire region. Positive effects on the environment, especially on the water quality of the sea, are clearly noticeable. Today, Rimini’s coast is one of the cleanest beaches in Italy and the quality of the sea water is strictly controlled.

New buildings? Here, too, Rimini is a pioneer in sustainability. It has concentrated on the existing buildings and adapted them to modern standards. Thanks to the restoration of the old buildings, the traditional construction method has been preserved.

Rimini – a city with many faces

Over the Tiberius Bridge to Borgo San Giuliano

The Tiberius Bridge is a work of art made of Istrian white stone. With its 5 arches, it is one of Rimini’s sights. For more than 2,000 years, it has led people to Borgo San Giuliano. Murals on the houses commemorate the great director Federico Fellini. Film scenes from famous works are perfectly reproduced here. This is how the former slum became a hotspot.

Old Town of Rimini

With its many buildings from the 15. And In the 16th century, Rimini is often referred to as Little Rome . The old town was shaped by the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The “Tempio Malatestiano” stands out particularly impressively. The gigantic cathedral was built of white limestone and was completely redesigned during the Renaissance. It is still one of Rimini’s impressive sights today.

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With many small cafés and restaurants, the old town is worth a visit at any time of the day. Museums provide interesting insights into Rimini’s long history. In the evening, friends and strangers meet to enjoy the evening together. With changing events, the old town is an attraction for conviviality.

Beach life

Rimini Beach
The extensive beach of Rimini, Image: barbajones / shutterstock

During the day, the beach appears completely in Italian flair. Playground equipment offers children safe entertainment. The sun and the sea invite you to relax. Own cozy beach plots ensure privacy. On some beaches, these plots are mainly for guests with dogs. They can make themselves comfortable within the plot without leash compulsion. On the promenade, the gastronomy awaits you with all kinds of culinary delicacies.

Sport and party on the beach and in the sea

From beach volleyball to jogging in the sand to beach gymnastics with professional trainers, everything is possible on the long sandy beach. Banana boats, windsurfing or water skiing on the sea are a challenge for the daring and offer a welcome change.

With a dive, the biodiversity of the Adriatic Sea becomes visible. A small speedboat takes the divers to various regions, where the sea creatures are already waiting for their visit.

Attractive events are offered again and again – partly during the day, partly in the evening.
Every evening, the beach turns into a roaring party zone. Disco tents such as the Turquoise Beach Club invite you to party every evening. With good music, a good atmosphere is pre-programmed.

The hinterland

The hinterland in the province of Emilia-Romagna captivates with an extraordinary diversity of nature.

Half of the region consists of hilly landscapes, mountains, forests and lakes. Here are castles that invite you to linger. Again and again, historical monuments appear along the hiking trails.

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Culinary journey

Delicious wine is grown on the slopes. The wine-growing region is characterized by fresh maritime air. Nestled between the sea and the mountain range of the Apennines, very wholesome wine is produced. Here the winegrowers invite you to a wine tasting. They organize these gatherings with the typical Italian serenity. With stories from life and winegrowing, they give their guests something instructive, well mixed with entertainment.

The flat landscape that makes up the other half of the region is largely used as an agricultural area. Fruit tree plantations, floriculture and vegetable cultivation radiate a special tranquility and a walk on flat ground relaxes body and soul.

What to see in the surroundings of Rimini

San Marino

Basilica of San Marino
Basilica of San Marino, Image: Yury Dmitrienko / shutterstock

A special excursion is a visit to San Marino. It is the smallest independent state in the world. As early as 301 A.D. it was founded and is also considered the oldest known state.

The capital San Marino is located on Mount Titano. With its small alleys, it provides insights into the past. The protective walls were built up to the edge of the cliffs and offer an impressive view over the entire region. In the villages that belong to San Marino, visitors can admire magnificent castles.

Il Parco Tematico, Rimini

A successful change from beach life is a trip to Miniaturland. Here you can marvel at not only Italy, but also highlights of Europe. A variety of attractions makes the day an unforgettable experience. A canoe ride through the rapids, a kick with the Sling Shot or the course high in the trees, Areaavventura, which shows the world from a whole new perspective, are among the highlights of this park.


If you want to spend a day in a different way, this climbing park is the right place for you. There are courses with different levels of difficulty. The attempt to copy Tarzan’s jumps on the lianas or to take a spin on a skateboard on steel cables is also exciting. This is a sporting event of superlatives.

The most important questions about Rimini

How to get from Rimini to San Marino

By car, the journey from Rimini to San Marino takes 30 minutes. Bus line 160 takes you from Rimini to San Marino in just under 40 minutes. Timetable Rimini > San Marino

What is the weather like in Rimini?