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Blick auf Filicudi, Bild: EugeniaSt / shutterstock

Relaxing holidays on the island of Filicudi

The beautiful island of Filicudi is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the north coast of Sicily. It rose from the sea centuries ago and captivates with its unique landscape. The island is one of the seven Aeolian Islands of Sicily. Fairytale grottoes, a turquoise blue sea and long hiking trails attract tourists to the island. People who are looking for peace and quiet are also absolutely right here.

The magical aura of the island makes people come down and the thoughts of everyday stress disappear. On the island you are spared from mass tourism. The crystal clear sea invites you to swim and dive. The island is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site. Here you can spend your holiday alone or with the whole family. Athletes visit the island to practice water sports. Especially for nature lovers, this island is an absolute dream place. People who are looking for a quiet place where they can relax and unwind are also in the right place on the island of Filicudi. History lovers can also let off steam and be inspired on this island.

The center of the island

If you want to go shopping, go to Filicudi Porto. The Filicudi Porto is a nice little fishing village. Shops for daily use can be visited here. There is also a clothing store in this village. Of course, restaurants can also be visited here. There is also a pharmacy.

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Holidays in Filicudi

The colourful underwater world invites you to take a diving trip. An excursion to Monte Fossa delle Felci can also be undertaken. Monte Fossa delle Felci is an inactive volcano that is 774 m high. This can be reached and visited via hiking trails. Capo Graziano is a cape on the island. It is a prehistoric village. Remains of the Bronze Age can be admired here. On the land side of Capo Graziano there is a settlement that contains the remains of over 20 historic huts. It is assumed that this settlement was built around 2,200–1,700 BC. In general, many finds from earlier times could be recovered on the island. An island full of history, culture and breathtaking nature.

The village with the quiet atmosphere

Filicudi in the Aeolian Islands
Dreamlike nature, Image: Giuma / shutterstock

Pecorini a Mare is a small fishing village surrounded by a breathtaking and tranquil atmosphere. It is located in a small bay of the island. The fishing village is surrounded by steep slopes and rocky landscape. The traditionally designed houses are well protected against the sun, which mainly shines here. Most houses have terraces covered with thatched roofs. Especially the gardens of the houses catch your eye. They are filled with cacti and other expressive plants. From the houses you have an excellent view of the sea. There is a great opportunity to spend your holiday in a sustainable and ecological house.

Leisure activities

If you love Mediterranean cuisine, this is the place for you. A visit to a restaurant is a must here. The restaurant La Sirena offers not only culinary delights, but also a wonderful view of the sea. Boat tours can also be taken here. Boat tours are not only possible during the day. Boat tours are also offered at night. It is a very special experience to go out by boat in the dark. The Grotta del Bue Marino is an absolute attraction for tourists. In the cave system lived a group of monks in earlier times. Now the Grotta del Bue Marino can be visited by tourists. The cave consists of two parts, both of which can be visited. The water cave has several small freshwater lakes. In the cave, stalactites and stalagmites can be examined. Drawings from earlier times were also found in the cave. If you are interested in history, you can also visit the Museo di Filicudi. The museum has five exhibition halls. Here you can find information about the development of the island.

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Time by the sea

Most tourists come to the island because of the nature and the beach. Le Punte beach is particularly popular. This is located in the south of the island and offers an incredible bathing experience. Here you have your peace and quiet and can let your soul run free. The beach is ideal for diving. The sunset should definitely not be missed here. The pebble beach stretches several meters from the pier to Capo Graziano.

Fancy a holiday?

Especially for people who need a break, this holiday resort is ideal. No big hustle and bustle or mass tourism. On this island, the holiday can be enjoyed undisturbed.