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Relaxed on the plane

Each of us has certainly experienced this situation several times. The long-awaited vacation is only a few days away. Although the anticipation is huge – the last days before departure are very stressful. There are various reasons for this. On the one hand, you think about whether you have thought of everything you need when packing and whether the apartment is well taken care of in your absence.

However, another factor is also planning the journey to the airport. Since you often can’t rely on the punctuality of the trains, more and more travelers decide to book a parking space near the airport. This offers a cost-effective alternative to the airport taxi and you can load your suitcases in peace and quiet and set off for your holiday.

Parking at Munich Airport

In order to get a more detailed picture of “parking at the airport”, we booked a parking space at Munich Airport via the provider Parkos. The provider compares the listed parking providers and checks whether there is capacity available in the desired booking period.

So in order to use the service and be able to park at Munich Airport, we first informed ourselves about the different parking spaces (especially about security) and finally reserved a parking space for the required period. This is guarded around the clock, fenced in and secured with camera systems. Cancellation of the parking space would have been possible free of charge up to 24 hours before the booked time.

Relaxed on the plane
The car is safely parked. Now you can fly relaxed on vacation, Image: Jaromir Chalabala / shutterstock

Arriving at the sufficiently signposted parking lot, we were already welcomed by an employee. After checking our reservation, we were assigned a seat and we safely locked the vehicle after taking out the luggage. The employee helped us transport the luggage to the shuttle bus. Our children got a free soft drink, quickly went to the existing toilet again and off we went with a good feeling towards Munich Airport.

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Including shuttle transfer (took just under 12 minutes) to the departure hall, we were able to book the parking space for a cheap 54 euros for a parking period of one week.

When our vacation in Croatia was over much too quickly a week later, we called the parking provider after we had taken the luggage off the conveyor belt. After a short time, the shuttle bus came and brought us safely to our car. In general, it can be said that parking at the airport is a cost-effective alternative to the typical airport taxi. Of course, travelling by train is generally cheaper, but it is much more relaxed to travel with your own car and not have to carry your luggage around with two children. In addition, one is not dependent on the punctuality of public transport.

Our tip:

Use the time until departure and arrive early at the car park. So you have the opportunity to spend a few more nice hours in Munich . Visit the Frauenkirche or relax in the English Garden before your flight.



With the kind support of Parkos