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Der Garten von Schloss Sanssouci, Bild: Kirk Gulden / shutterstock

Potsdam offers a variety of sights

In terms of cultural highlights, Potsdam is in no way inferior to its big neighbor Berlin in the northeast. The variety of sights is perfect for a short trip. In any case, the historical architecture deserves special attention. But art lovers also get their money’s worth. The culinary delicacies are guaranteed to make the heart beat faster. Here is a small overview of what there is to experience.

Historic buildings and modern art

The park of Sanssouci Palace, Image: Mike Mareen / shutterstock

Potsdam is home to the Prussian Empire. Pure luxury reigns here! Today, UNESCO has declared the 150 buildings and 500 hectares of park that have been preserved a World Heritage Site. A short holiday to the capital of Brandenburg is like a journey into the past. The old town in particular is a real feast for the eyes.

The buildings that can be found on the Old Market Square and some of which have been restored date back to the time of Frederick the Great. The small Brandenburg Gate can also be visited in any case. If, on the other hand, you prefer modern art, Potsdam is just as right for you. Poetry, music, as well as various exhibitions provide variety. There is guaranteed to be no boredom. There is something for everyone here.

Especially the cultural location Waschhaus should not be forgotten. Concerts and dance are made for both young and old. A little tip: Is that not enough? The big neighbor Berlin is right nearby! Here the city trip can continue immediately.

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Potsdam: Romantic castles and dreamy gardens

The University of Potsdam, Image: Lugiaz / shutterstock

Right in the heart of Potsdam is the Sanssouci Park. On an area of a total of 300 hectares, the kings used to stroll. 350 years ago, the castle still belonged to Frederick II, who was also colloquially known as Alter Fritz. The wonderful terraces date back to his time. All in all, the view falls on more than two centuries of true architectural art.

The foot of the vineyard opens up a view of the most famous rococo building in Germany . However, the true splendour only becomes apparent when you climb the stairs completely. Hard to believe! The construction took just six years. In loving detail, more than 400 statues are attached to the magnificent façade, which come from the world of the gods of ancient Greece. Amazement is already pre-programmed! Pomp and splendour are guaranteed not to be neglected!

Potsdam: Don’t miss it

Under no circumstances should the Castle Night be missed! Once a year, the park stays open until after midnight. A true firework of impressive lights shines. Over a hundred artists amaze the audience. A true highlight of superlatives. However, the tickets must be booked early. Order in advance guaranteed! Otherwise, admission will remain closed with absolute probability.

Potsdam: All natural

Dutch Quarter
The Dutch Quarter, Image: D.Bond / shutterstock

If you prefer it a little quieter, the New Garden is a good choice. A real contrast to the park of Sanssouci. Here you can still find true nature. Free and wild trees adorn the lushly overgrown area. Nothing is guaranteed to be trimmed. The idea originally goes back to Frederick William II. A true masterpiece of architecture opens up. The orangery created there is really impressive. The Marble Palace and Cecilienhof Palace are also worth a visit in any case.

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Potsdam: For true art lovers

Park Sanssouci
Park Sanssouci, Image: Mike Mareen/shutterstock

Potsdam is guaranteed to have a lot to offer. In the Barberini Museum, true connoisseurs of contemporary art will get their money’s worth. The patron and benefactor Hasso Plattner presents his unique collection. One focus is on the former works of the GDR, among other things. The time after 1989 can also be found here. Well-known representatives such as Rodin, Renoir, Monet, Liebermann and Kandinsky can be mentioned at this point. In any case, the original will of course be presented.

Potsdam: This is where the film starts

The Filmpark Babelberg offers fun and entertainment for the whole family. Spectacular stunts are revealed on stage. Fascinating backdrops take you into the world of film and television. This is the filming location of many famous classics, such as Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”. But the real Hollywood is also at home here. So don’t miss it!

Potsdam: Quickly to Holland

Center Potsdam
The historic center of Potsdam, Image: immodium / shutterstock

Unique galleries, cozy bars and cafés as well as a variety of small shops invite you to stroll. This small quarter, which stands out from the rest of the city in every respect due to its special construction, was built by Frederick William I in the middle of the 18th century for craftsmen who had arrived from Holland. There should be a piece of home in a foreign country.

Potsdam: Quickly to Russia

But the Russian compatriots will not miss out in Potsdam either. The colony of Alexandrowia was built by the Prussian King Frederick William III in 1826 for the last twelve singers of a soldiers’ choir. The associated history is revealed in the museum located there. Afterwards, there will be a little refreshment in the restaurant.