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Eine Rundreise durch Peru ist ein Genuss für alle Sinne, Bild: Yudina_Elena / shutterstock

Peru round trip: These are the most important things to consider

South American Peru offers travelers a multifaceted mix of grandiose landscapes that are interspersed with testimonies of long-gone advanced civilizations. In addition, there are lively metropolises to explore Peruvian city life. The population is very warm and hospitable. Due to the diversity of the country, a round trip is a good way to see and experience as much as possible. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Organizational aspects for the success of the Peru round trip

German citizens do not need a visa for Peru if the planned stay does not last longer than three months. A passport that is valid for at least six months is required for entry. In this part of South America, the inhabitants speak the Spanish language, English is not so widely spoken. The Peruvian currency is called Nueva Sol and can be exchanged for euros in many places. When planning the round trip, the size of the country must be considered. Thus, the length of the coastline from the northern border with Ecuador to the southern end at the Chilean border is more than 3,300 km. Due to the large distances, it is a good idea to set a thematic focus for the round trip. These can be the following topics:

  • In the footsteps of the Incas
  • Trekking in the mountains
  • Discover historical treasures
  • Explore coasts and cities

The Peruvian landscapes and regions are extremely diverse, there is tropical rainforest, the high mountains of the Andes, extensive deserts and the coasts of the Pacific. To make the Peru round trip a complete success, organized tours with experienced tour guides and hiking guides are available.

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Determine the type and period of the tour in Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Image: Bluesnaps / shutterstoclk

Peru is the original empire of the Incas, as evidenced by numerous historical buildings and monuments such as Machu Pichu and Cusco. Many of the places are located high up in the mountains and are best explored on hikes. In general, trekking is an optimal method to discover the numerous treasures in Peru. The best months for a Peru round trip are from May to September, as this is the dry season. On the other hand, a lot of rain is to be expected in the autumn and winter months, which mainly falls in the Peruvian mountain landscape. On the Peruvian coastal region, the sun shines all year round and it is pleasantly warm. If you want to go all the way up into the mountains, you have to keep in mind that altitude sickness can occur there.

Hygiene and vaccination protection

In view of the Corona pandemic, there are also certain restrictions in Peru, but these can change daily. Therefore, holidaymakers should inform themselves sufficiently before starting their trip, for this purpose the Federal Foreign Office has all the necessary data and facts ready. Apart from Covid vaccination, no other vaccinations are required, but yellow fever and hepatitis A and B are recommended. In addition, the normal vaccinations should be refreshed if they were given some time ago. Tap water is not drinking water and should not be consumed.


If you pay attention to the things mentioned, you can enjoy the Peru round trip with all your senses. In an organized group trip, possible problems can be avoided.

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