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Paguera auf Mallorca, Bild: Margarita Borodina / shutterstock

Paguera – fine beaches and wild nature

Long sandy beaches, peace, good food, a bit of action and beautiful nature. What more could you want from a holiday? All this can be found in Paguera, a charming town in the southwest of Mallorca, about 20 kilometers from Palma . Paguera is located in a classic Mediterranean bay, with wild cliff formations, palm trees and fine sandy beaches. There are three of them: Playa Palmira, Playa Tora and Playa La Romana. And just behind the beaches is the main promenade, the almost two-kilometre-long Bulevar de Paguera. There you can stroll and shop undisturbed by traffic.

Children welcome

Paguera in Mallorca
Image: VICTOR TORRES / shutterstock

The largest beach, Playa Palmira, is very centrally located in the village. If it gets too hot in the sand, just walk a few meters and sit in a café and enjoy the view of the glittering sea. Separated only by a rocky outcrop, the slightly smaller Playa Toro invites you to swim and sunbathe. Right next to it is Playa La Romana, the smallest of the three. It scores not only with a children’s playground, but also with a sports field for all those who want to build up their neglected muscles.

All three beaches are popular not only because of their wonderfully fine sand, but also because the beach slopes gently into the water. This makes them ideal for children. The little ones can splash around in the shallow water and build sandcastles completely carefree. Always under the watchful eye of lifeguards, because the beaches are strictly monitored. Paguera is therefore an ideal case for families with children. Especially since many hotels even specialize in families and offer childcare, so parents can also find a little time for themselves. But that doesn’t mean that singles and couples don’t feel comfortable there.

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An Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts

On the contrary. Especially those who like it sporty are in good hands in Paguera. If the sports field of Playa La Romana is not enough for you, you can try windsurfing and water skiing, or book a diving course. The three beaches offer everything a water sports heart desires. However, the beaches are not very suitable for snorkeling. But behind Playa Romana are two dreamlike, natural stone beaches with crystal clear water. This is where snorkelers really find their paradise. If you want to improve your handicap on the other side of the water, there are also a number of golf courses around Paguera.

Out and about by bike

Directly behind the Paguera stretches a large pine forest. Just the right thing for hikers, riders and cyclists. Bicycles can be easily rented in the village. In general, you can make excursions into the surrounding area by bike. In a good 15 minutes you are in the neighboring Cana Fornells, a picturesque seaside resort with strikingly colorful houses. The Russian architect Pedro Otzoup is responsible for this. He built the apartment complexes there and made sure that they differed in size, colors, layout and many details. If you shy away from the bike, you can chug from Paguera to Cana Fornells on an excursion boat. And then, of course, there is the Tramuntana Mountains, an Eldorado for nature lovers. From Paguera, you can get there in just under half an hour by car. Very sporty people can also get on their bikes. Depending on the route, the route takes about an hour. The mountain range with a diverse fauna and flora, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers dramatic views down into gorges and bays.
By ship to Dragon Island

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A boat trip to the uninhabited rocky island of Sa Dragonera, the Dragon Island, is very worthwhile. It is a protected area and is home to the Dragonera lizard, which is only found on this island. It also serves as a breeding ground for many migratory birds. The trip by boat from Paguera takes about five hours. A worthwhile trip. Especially if you still start the climb to the Far Vell lighthouse. It dates back to the 16th century, sits 353 meters above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the island and Mallorca’s west coast. However, if you do this tour, you should take food with you. Because there is nothing on the island except beautiful nature.

Nightlife with pleasure

Speaking of catering. On holiday, of course, you also want to be spoiled with culinary delights. Paguera’s gastronomy offers everything the taste buds could wish for. The authentic local cuisine entices with fish and seafood. Juicy grilled food is served as well as pizza – also a concession to the little guests – vegan and vegetarian menus. And if you still feel like nightlife, sit down in a cozy bar after dinner or let off steam in a disco.