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Der Turm von Savinar ist ein beliebtes Fotomotiv auf Ibiza, Bild: Helena G.H / shutterstock

The most beautiful holiday resorts in Ibiza

When the name Ibiza is mentioned, most people think of hippies, partying and sleepless nights. But the third-largest Balearic island has so much more to offer than these common clichés.

Some of the most beautiful places in Ibiza that you should visit during your stay are listed below.

Santa Euralia – like a white city!

Santa Euralia, Ibiza
View of Santa Euralia, Image: MarcoPachiega / shutterstock

Located in the south-east of the island, the town is the most important holiday resort in this region. Nevertheless, holidaymakers will not only find the typical tourist conditions there, but many locals are still resident here, as this is a naturally grown place that already existed before the masses of tourists from all over the world.

On the hill of the city, the Puig de Missa, there is the small fortified church of Santa Euralia, to which all roads of the town lead.

This square is a great attraction because the view from the hill down to the city and the surrounding area is breathtakingly beautiful. Overall, the flair of a cozy southern small town prevails here.

Cala Llonga – the perfect family beach!

Cala Llonga, Ibiza
Cala Llonga, Image: Javitouh / shutterstock

About six kilometres from Santa Euralia is Cala Llonga, a pretty holiday resort, which scores particularly well with its child-friendly beach. The transition from the beach to the sea is long and shallow, making it perfect for the little ones, who will even find their own playground here.

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The long water slide directly into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea will also delight the older holidaymakers and those who want more action can take a pedal boat out into the bay and out to sea. In addition, a beautiful hike into the mountains on the right side of the bay can be undertaken from here.
Overall, a popular and yet comparatively quiet place, especially for families with children.

Mirador del Savinar – enjoy the perfect sunset!

The Mirador del Savinar is the absolute sunset spot in Ibiza, because there is hardly any other place on the island where it is more spectacular and better to admire than at this southwestern tip of Ibiza. But not only the sunset is worth a visit to this place, but also the view of the entire coast and the rocky islands of Es Vedrà and Es Venadrell is simply unforgettable.

From the viewing platform, the path goes up a bit to the Torre del Savinar, an old watchtower against pirates from 1763.

In this way, the surroundings could be warned in good time in case of danger and today serves as a picturesque photo motif for sun-hungry tourists.

Ibiza Town – the Mecca for culture lovers!

Ibiza Town
Ibiza Town, Image: Mariusz Stanosz / shutterstock

The largest city on the island, in addition to the typical features of larger cities, also offers the best opportunities to bring your money to the people.

In the beautiful old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are small sweet alleys and many sights as well as the old city wall.
It is worth strolling along it on foot, because you will not miss any view or cultural monument. The magnificent view from the city wall over the entire city will also be a lasting memory.
And here you will also find many opportunities to buy souvenirs, clothing and handicrafts and take a part of the Spanish island’s attitude to life home with you.

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For a stay in Ibiza Town, also known as Eivissa, it is worth planning a full day or more.

Punta Arabi – the most famous hippie market on the island!

A visit to a hippie market is a must for holidaymakers in Ibiza. Even if there is no longer the same flair as in the wild 60s and 70s, the atmosphere of this legendary time is still clearly noticeable.

Punta Arabi, Ibiza
The Punta Arabi hippie market in Es Canar, Image: Artesia Wells / shutterstock

The most famous market is Punta Arabi, which takes place on Wednesdays in Es Canar.
Whether jewelry, clothing, scarves, candles or leather goods, everything that shaped this time can be purchased here and the special feeling does the rest to feel transported directly to that time.
And after the market, sit down with a cool drink at Playa Cala Martina and review what you have experienced.

Ses Salines Ibiza Natural Park – Admire flamingos in the flesh!

This nature reserve is an absolute feast for the eyes and offers the opportunity to admire and observe flamingos in the wild.

They can be seen there all year round to get a really good impression, but you should have a telephoto lens or binoculars in your luggage.

A total of over 201 bird species can be admired and the landscape with rocky coasts, beaches, mountain massifs and forests also offers plenty of variety for the eye.
Ses Salines is also one of the most important salt mining areas in the Mediterranean and in the middle of this area lies the now abandoned village of Sant Francesc, which was once the workers’ home and can be visited today.

Ibiza is an island full of surprises and is much more than the little sister of the larger island of Mallorca.