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Osaka Castle mit dem Fuji im Hintergrund, Bild: chanchai duangdoosan / shutterstock

Osaka – The Naniwa of the Present

Osaka, the third-largest city in Japan, is home to 2.7 million people in an area of 225.30 square kilometers. The city is located in the Kinki region and is divided into 25 districts. In earlier times, the city was called Naniwa and was the capital of Japan. When visiting Osaka, food and drink fill the stomach, while Osaka’s sights delight the tourist’s eyes.

How to get to Osaka

The journey to Japan’s third-largest city begins from Germany , for example, in Frankfurt. Here, those willing to travel will find flights with only one stopover. The average travel time is between just under 14 and 24 hours. From Munich , there are more flights with two stopovers. The travel time here can be up to 27 hours. In other cities in Germany, the situation is similar with the flight offers.
If you are in Tokyo, the easiest way to get to Osaka is by Shinkansen. With this train, the journey time is between two and a half and four hours on the way. Destination: Shin-Osaka Station.

For a good night’s sleep

Travelers staying in Osaka for a longer period of time can find suitable accommodations near subway stations or a JR train station. For the wallet, everything is available from cheap to expensive: sleeping and living facilities with air conditioning, flat-screen TV, washing machine and kitchen and accommodation with its own bar, blackout facilities, safe and an in-house fitness center with workout room.

Getting around Osaka

There is a lot to see and taste in Osaka for tourists. While the bellies are filled with traditional or unusual food, there are unique sights for the eyes to marvel at:

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Bars and Restaurants – The Top Five

Osaka Nightlife
Nightlife in Osaka, Image: Aeypix / shutterstock

1. Traveler’s Bar Osaka Tacos: The Tacos Bar in Osaka is considered the most popular bar among visitors. It serves Mexican and international food. The Traveler’s Bar is open all night, making it ideal for night owls. The bartenders are courteous and friendly and wishes are read from the eyes of the guests. The tacos and quesadillas are recommended. There is a special highlight for game lovers: While the food is being prepared, the hungry guests can pass the time with video games.

40 Sky Bar & Lounge: This lounge is also far ahead of the overall package. Guests can enjoy live piano and saxophone music and a huge selection of cocktails and desserts in the evenings. The ambience is packed in a beautiful and romantic architecture with an impressive view of Osaka from the 40th floor.

3. Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M, Hozenji Yokocho: Hungry diners will get their money’s worth at this restaurant. The menu includes Japanese and Asian dishes, a steakhouse and barbecue. Raw premium meat, fish and vegetables are served, which are grilled at the table by the guest himself. The friendly staff of the restaurant are on hand to provide explanations and tips. The privacy of each guest is paramount.

4. Ichiran Dotonbori Main Building: Visitors to Osaka will find excellent ramen at Ichiran. These can be designed according to your own taste and preference. The guest chooses the degree of spiciness, the richness of the basic soup and the hardness of the ramen. In addition, various toppings such as “Onsen Tamago” or “Kaedama” are available. For people who like to eat alone, there are fold-up wooden walls at each table. For more sociable gatherings, these remain folded down, of course.

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5. Utogaria: A restaurant for lovers of seafood, street food, and Japanese and Asian food. When it comes to drinks, beer and sake are the favorites among guests. The food is freshly prepared, the service courteous and the staff warm. The boss of the house is a likeable person who likes to talk to his guests at the bar.

The four best things to do in Osaka

1. Osaka Castle and Castle Park

Osaka Bay, Japan
View of Osaka Bay, Image: Nonchanon / shutterstock

Tourists who like green and ancient things are in good hands here. The castle is suitable for history buffs and those who like to learn about Japanese society. Art lovers can marvel at silk fabrics and impressive paintings at the castle. The well-kept castle park with a fountain at the entrance offers relaxation and a nice walk along numerous cherry trees. If you can, it’s best to come here in February or March to witness the cherry blossoms!

2. Universal Studios Japan

It is more colorful and crowded in the Japan Studios. The amusement park offers attractions from film and television that are worthwhile. Universal Studios, for example, takes the traveler into the world of Harry Potter and lets him experience the atmosphere of Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade or Hagrid’s Hut. In Jurassic Park, Osaka visitors fly through the world of dinosaurs with “The Flying Dinosaur”. Among other things, you can also experience the Snoopy Studio and the Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue.

3. Kuromon Market

If you walk a lot, you get hungry. This can be satisfied by visiting the Kuromon Market. Wherever the visitor looks, there is plenty of food everywhere! There are stalls with fresh fish and deliciously prepared sushi, Kobe steak, octopus and giant crabs for fish lovers! Other stalls sell fresh fruits or vegetables, and still others sell Japanese sweets such as mochis.

4. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

In this aquarium you can see whale sharks and the opportunity to pet a shark in shallow water! You won’t find this anywhere else and is therefore worth a visit. In addition, the visitor learns a lot about the different habitats of the underwater world. A shop belongs to the aquarium.