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Traumhafter Strand in Norderney, Bild: Jopics / shutterstock

Norderney – traditional spa town in East Frisia

The island of Norderney is the oldest spa on the German North Sea coast. As early as the end of the 18th century, the first spa guests came from the mainland to enjoy the stimulating climate. Norderney is the second largest East Frisian island after Borkum. It is popular with holidaymakers due to its extensive range of leisure activities consisting of relaxation, action and adventure.

The holiday begins on the mainland

The North Sea island can be reached via the A28 motorway. At the Leer triangle, the path leads to Emden. Here it is worth paying a visit to the Otto Huus. Various museum ships and the medieval Pelzer houses are worth seeing. The large windmill “De Vrouw Johanna”, built in the 17th century on the city wall, is the only one in the area to have large wings that can be seen from afar. Art lovers should pay a visit to the Kunsthalle, which is known beyond the borders of the city.

Journey through the East Friesian idyll

Norderney Lighthouse
The lighthouse on Norderney, Image: IndustryAndTravel

The way to Norderney leads along the A210 federal road towards Aurich. Suurhusen is home to the world’s leanest tower, which has an inclination of 5.19 degrees. Even the more famous building in Pisa, Italy, becomes envious. In Südbrookmerland, Norderney vacationers turn into the B72 in the direction of Norddeich. There is a large car park here for people who have rented one of the holiday apartments and holiday homes on Norderney . Theoretically, it is also possible to cross by car, but the ferry is expensive and there are numerous restrictions on the island, especially in season.

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The holiday begins in Norddeich

Alternatively, holidaymakers can also arrive by bus or train. In Norddeich, everyone has the same destination: the ferry. Tickets can be bought spontaneously at the ticket counter or pre-ordered. During the crossing, the wind blows around the noses of the guests. Soon the island comes closer and closer. By the way, the ferry operates independently of low and high tide. Only extreme weather can sometimes lead to failures. After about an hour under the song of the seagulls, the ship docks at the quay of Norderney. Holidaymakers have been in the holiday mood for a long time.

Varied relaxation on Norderney

Travelers will find numerous beautiful accommodations on the island. Holiday apartments and houses offer the opportunity to get in touch with the locals. They also offer a great deal of personal freedom. Meal times in the hotel and other regulations do not play a role. Families with children in particular will find the right accommodation here, where the little ones do not have to pay attention to the etiquette of adults. It is the starting point for varied holidays.

Recognised climatic health resort and North Sea spa

If you want to do something good for your health, visit the bade:haus. It is considered the largest thalassotherapy house in Europe and offers relaxation for the whole family. In addition to various seawater baths and saunas, the family pool is an attraction. In the exclusive SPA area, high-quality treatments are offered.

A wide range of leisure activities

By the way, the pool is open all year round except for a short time in autumn. The North Sea is by no means just a holiday destination for midsummer. The Wadden Sea is fascinating, which can also be discovered with dry feet in the Watt Worlds visitor centre of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other activities include:

  • several museums
  • the Cape Horn play park (with indoor offer)
  • a golf course
  • several good restaurants
  • the seal banks in the east of the island
  • the magnificent beaches
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Norderney is certainly one of the most beautiful and versatile holiday resorts on the North Sea.